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JdF_CORK Temperature
Temperature Time-Series Data from the CORK in Hole U1362A on the Juan de Fuca Plate acquired from 2010-2014
This data set was acquired with Onset Computer Corporation U12-015-03 Autonomous Temperature Loggers and Antares Datensysteme 1857 Autonomous Temperature Loggers deployed in 2010 in the CORK in Hole U1362A during IODP Expedition 327 and recovered in 2014 during Atlantis Expedition AT26-18 (Investigators: Dr. Keir Becker, Dr. Andrew Fisher). These data files are of Text File (ASCII) format and include Temperature data that were converted from raw data using factory software and calibration. These data were acquired as part of the project(s): Collaborative Research: A three-dimensional, subseafloor, IODP observatory network in the northeastern Pacific Ocean, and initiation of large-scale, cross-hole experiments; Collaborative research: Large-scale, long-term, multi-directional, cross-hole experiments in the upper oceanic crust using a borehole observatory network; Center for Dark Energy Biosphere Investigations (C-DEBI): Collaborative Research: Completion of single- and cross-hole hydrogeologic experiments on the eastern flank of the Juan de Fuca Ridge using a borehole network; and Collaborative Research: Completing Single- And Cross-Hole Hydrgeologic And Microbial Experiments: Juan De Fuca Flank. Funding was provided by NSF award(s): OCE05-50202, OCE05-50713, OCE07-26887, OCE07-27952, OCE09-39564, OCE10-30350, OCE10-31808, OCE12-60180, OCE12-60408. The configuration of the CORK in Hole U1362A was described by Fisher et al., 2011.
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U1362A (CORK)
A level of processing has been undertaken, ensuring quality control (e.g. ping edited sonar data, edited navigation data).

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