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EW0104 Mineralogy:Sediment
Sediment Mineralogy Data from the TICO FLUX I and TICO FLUX II projects at the Central America (Costa Rica) Subduction Zone acquired during Ewing cruise EW0104 (2001) and Melville cruise VANC02MV (2002)
This Costa Rica-Central America Subduction Zone data set was acquired during Maurice Ewing expedition EW0104 conducted in 2001 (Chief Scientist: Dr. Andrew Fisher; Investigator: Dr. Michael Underwood) and Melville cruise VANC02MV conducted in 2002 (Chief Scientist: Dr. Andrew Fisher; Investigator: Dr. Michael Underwood). The data file is in Microsoft Excel format and includes Sediment Mineralogy data. The data was acquired as part of the project called TicoFlux: The Thermal State of 20-25 Ma Lithosphere Subducting at the Costa Rica Margin, Implications for Hydrogeology, Fluxes, and the Seismogenic Zone. Funding was provided by NSF grants: OCE00-01892, OCE00-01941, OCE00-01944, and OCE00-02031. This data was cited by Underwood, 2007, Spinelli et al., 2006, and Spinelli and Underwood, 2004.
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Maurice Ewing
Data have not been processed or modified since acquisition (e.g. Realtime navigation or sonar data, raw images etc.).

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