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M154-2 Temperature
Raw temperature data acquired during the HyLO probe test at Fincastle Lake, Texas, 2019
This data set represents a test of a new type of Lister heat flow and thermal gradient probe developed at SMU. The new probe is called a HyLO Probe ( "Hybrid Lister-Outrigger Probe). The test was performed in 2019 from a dock at Fincastle Lake, Texas, USA. For the test, the 2-meter-long HyLO probe consisted of 4 thermistors spaced 0.25 m apart. The probe was deployed from a dock and achieved full insertion into sediment on the lake floor located approximately 1 m below the dock. This data set consists of the raw temperature data collected during that test. The data show a change in temperature during probe insertion time and the thermistors approaching steady state values over an approximately 30 minute period. These data were used to measure the thermal response time of the thermistors and to calibrate the probe response. Since the data are collected in a shallow lake in winter, the high thermal gradients are an indicator of seasonal changes - it is warmer deeper due to the time it takes for the cold temperatures in the lake water to propagate down 2 meters into the lake bed sediment. The data set was generated as part of the projects called SEKT - Sector collapse kinematics and tsunami implications, and, Field Testing Two New Portable Geothermal Gradient Probe Prototypes. Funding was provided with NSF award OCE19-26729.
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Data have not been processed or modified since acquisition (e.g. Realtime navigation or sonar data, raw images etc.).

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