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MGL1408 Seismic Reflection/Refraction
Broadband ocean bottom seismometer (BBOBS) data, off North Carolina, acquired during R/V Marcus G. Langseth expedition MGL1408 (2014) as part of the Eastern North America Community Seismic Experiment (ENAM CSE)
Part of the Eastern North America Community Seismic Experiment (ENAM), broadband ocean bottom seismometers (BBOBS) were deployed and recovered during R/V Endeavor cruises EN537 and EN544. This experiment augments the Earthscope Transportable Array (TA) with 30 broadband ocean bottom seismometers (OBS) spanning a 400 x 500 km area offshore North Carolina, with three addition onshore broadband stations on the Outer Banks to span the gap between the TA and the OBS network. The seismometers recorded the airgun shots from the 2014 R/V Langseth expedition (MGL1408) as it collected MCS data off North Carolina and Virginia while the R/V Endeavor (EN546) collected OBS data. The goal was to collect data to image geological structures beneath the seafloor to learn about the evolution of continental margins and their geohazards. Funding was provided by NSF grants OCE13-47498, OCE13-48454, OCE13-48124, OCE13-48342, OCE13-48228, and OCE13-47310. Notes: Only the geophone part (not hydrophone) of the data were archived. Data from BBOBS station B01 were not archived. The data in this dataset are in conventional SEG-Y format. All of the ENAM seismic data that has been archived as SEED at the IRIS DMC has been assigned a separate DOI and can be accessed via the landing page, .
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Marcus G. Langseth (Array)
The data have been processed/modified to a level beyond that of basic quality control (e.g. final processed sonar data, photo-mosaics).

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