Marine Geoscience Data System

How to Contribute Data

Please contribute data using our Data Registration Form. We can copy your data files from the file-sharing platform of your choice (e.g. DropBox, Google Drive, FTP).
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What to contribute

We welcome contributions of a broad range of sensor-based geoscience data. Contributed data files will be available for discovery through our search interface, and where appropriate, through GeoMapApp. We accept both raw sensor data and derived data products in a variety of file formats. Reports, documentation, and images that enhance data usability are also accepted. Contributing scientists will receive data download reports bi-annually.

Data can be maintained within the system with proprietary hold or password protection to ensure preservation and promote collaboration prior to public release.

Sample-based data, including sample metadata, are curated by our partner data system EarthChem, please visit EarthChem's submission page for more information.

To learn more about data submission, please review our Data Submission Guidelines or contact us for additional support.

Data Curation Services include: