Marine Geoscience Data System

Data Submission Guidelines


We aim to make data submission easy for contributors. The basic metadata we request includes:
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  • Names of scientists to whom the data should be credited
  • References in which the data were published
  • Related field program information
  • Data type and device details
  • Funding agency and award numbers.

Data Types

The Marine-Geo Digital Library handles a wide range of geoscience data types including geophysical data, bathymetry, side-scan sonar, imagery, maps, seismic reflection, gridded compilations, earthquake catalogs, and other derived data products. If you wish to contribute a data type that is not currently listed, please contact us.

File Types

MGDS can accomodate a variety of file types, many of which are self-describing. Please provide units where appropriate. If you wish to contribute a file type that is not currently handled by MGDS, please contact us.