Marine Geoscience Data System

MGDS References

Nixon, C.W., L.C. McNeill, J.M. Bull, R.E. Bell, R.L. Gawthorpe, T.J. Henstock, D. Christodoulou, M. Ford, B. Taylor, D. Sakellariou, G. Ferentinos, G. Papatheodorou, M.R. Leeder, R.E. Collier, A.M. Goodliffe, M. Sachpazi, and H. Kranis, "Rapid spatiotemporal variations in rift structure during development of the Corinth Rift, central Greece", Tectonics, 35: 1225-1248, 2016, DOI 10.1002/2015TC004026.   (View Reference)