Marine Geoscience Data System

MGDS References

Shipley, T., G.F. Moore, H.J. Tobin, J.C. Moore, Y. Ogawa, P. Blum, J. Ashi, W. Brueckmann, F. Filice, A.T. Fisher, D. Goldberg, P. Henry, B. Housen, M.J. Jurado, M. Kastner, P. Labaume, T. Laier, E.C. Leitch, A.J. Maltman, A. Meyer, and S. Peacock, "Synthesis of the Barbados decollement seismic reflection response from drilling-based geophysical observations and physical properties", Proc. ODP, 156: 293-302, 1997, DOI 10.2973/   (View Reference)