Marine Geoscience Data System

MGDS References

Moore, G.F., Z. Zhao, T.H. Shipley, Y. Ogawa, P. Blum, J. Ashi, W. Brueckman, F. Filice, A.T. Fisher, D. Goldberg, P. Henry, B. Housen, M.J. Jurado, M. Kastner, P. Labaume, T. Laier, E.C. Leitch, A.J. Maltman, A. Meyer, J.C. Moore, and S. Peacock, "Integration of vertical seismic profiling, logging, and seismic data in the vicinity of the decollement, northern Barbados Ridge accretionary prism", Proc. ODP, 156: 255-262, 1997, DOI 10.2973/   (View Reference)