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EW9907 Bathymetry:Swath
Raw ship-based Multibeam Sonar Data from the Nankai Trough Subduction Zone acquired during R/V Maurice Ewing expedition EW9907 (1999)
This data set was acquired with a ship-based Atlas Hydrosweep DS Multibeam Sonar system during Maurice Ewing expedition EW9907 conducted in 1999 (Chief Scientist: Dr. Nathan Bangs). These data files are of MBSystem Compatible format and include Swath Bathymetry data that have not been processed. Data were acquired as part of the project(s): A 3-D Seismic Investigation of the Aseismic to Seismic Transition along the Eurasian-Phillippine Sea Plate Boundary: U.S.-Japan Cooperative Program, Seismic Velocity, Compaction, and Pore Pressure in Underthrust Sediments, Nankai Subduction Zone, and A 3-D Seismic Investigation of the Sediment-to-Rock Transition and Its Relationship to Nankai Subduction Thrust Seismicity: U.S.-Japan Collaborative Program, and funding was provided by NSF grant(!\r s): OCE02-41375, OCE02-41380, OCE02-41482, OCE97-30637, OCE98-02264, and OCE98-02295.
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Atlas:Hydrosweep DS
Maurice Ewing
Data have not been processed or modified since acquisition (e.g. Realtime navigation or sonar data, raw images etc.).

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