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RR2106 Sidescan
Sentry processed near-bottom high-frequency sidescan images (GeoTIFF format) from the East Pacific Rise, RR2106 (2021)
Near-bottom sidescan data was collected with an Edgetech 2205 sidescan system on AUV Sentry dives 597-606 during PLUME RAIDERS cruise RR2106 in 2021 at 16.5°-18° S on the Southern East Pacific Rise (investigators Chris German, Joseph Resing, Scott White). The high-frequency sidescan data was collected at 540 kHz and at ~15 m altitude or lower, except during multibeam surveys on dives 599, 603 and 604, as described in the accompanying sidescan data processing document. The data files are in GeoTIFF format and were processed using SonarWiz version 7 to merge with corrected AUV navigational records, trim the swath edges, bottom-track, and equalize gain across-track. The files were generated as part of the projects called Finding hydrothermal chimneys along the southern East Pacific Rise with machine learning approaches to AUV-based sonar data; and, Are Low-Temperature Hydrothermal Vents an Important but Overlooked Source of Stabilized Dissolved Iron to the Ocean? Funding was provided through NSF grants OCE20-06265, OCE17-55571, and OCE17-56402.
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Sentry (AUV)
The data have been processed/modified to a level beyond that of basic quality control (e.g. final processed sonar data, photo-mosaics).

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