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Southwest Indian Ridge Chrons 1-6 plate reconstruction data: Southern ocean basin
Identifications of magnetic reversals from Anomaly 1 (0.78 Ma) to Anomaly 6 (~20 Ma) from a wide range of shipboard and airborne magnetic data from the Southwest Indian Ridge are embedded in three text files with fracture zone and transform fault traces that were digitized from best-available bathymetric and satellite gravity data. These include all the data that were used to estimate the high-resolution rotation sequences for the Nubia, Lwandle, and Somalia plates relative to Antarctica described by DeMets et al. (2015). Detailed descriptions of the file contents are found at the starts of all three files. The data file is in ASCII text format and was generated as part of a project called Toward an understanding of Neogene plate dynamics: Completion of a high-resolution, closure-enforced chronology of global plate motions since 20 Ma. Funding was provided through NSF award OCE14-33323 and Russian Foundation grant 05-04-64297.
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