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Nubia-North America Chrons 1-6 plate reconstruction data: Northern Atlantic basin
Identifications of magnetic reversals from Anomaly 1 (0.78 Ma) to Anomaly 6 (~20 Ma) from a wide range of shipboard and airborne magnetic data from the Nubia-North America portion of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge are embedded in a text file along with fracture zone (and transform fault) traces that were digitized from best-available bathymetric and satellite gravity data. These include all the data that were used to estimate the high-resolution Nubia-North America plate rotation sequence described by Merkouriev and DeMets (2013). A detailed description of the file contents is found at the start of the file. The data file is in ASCII text format and was generated as part of a project called Closing the global plate circuit: High-resolution reconstructions of African plate motion from 0 to 20 Ma. Funding was provided through NSF award OCE09-26274 and Russian Foundation grant 05-04-64297.
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