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AT15-28 Photograph
Bottom Photos acquired with the HOV Alvin at the East Pacific Rise Spreading Center during the Atlantis expedition AT15-28 (2007)
This data set was acquired with a Nikon Coolpix 995 Digital Camera on the HOV Alvin during Atlantis expedition AT15-28 conducted in 2007 (Chief Scientist: Dr. Stefan Sievert). Data were acquired as part of the project(s): Microbiology and Biogeochemistry of Autotrophic Microbes in the Subsurface at Hydrothermal Vents: Filamentous-Sulfur Producing Bacteria, In-Situ Chemical Sensors for Monitoring the Chemistry of Hydrothermal Vent Fluids at Mid-Ocean Ridges: Instrument Development and Field Applications, Carbon Fixation Pathways in Marine Chemoautotrophic, Mesophilic Crenarchaeota: Implications for the Oceanic Carbon Cycle, CAREER: The Carbon Concentrating Mechanism of the Deep-sea Hydrothermal Vent Chemolithoautotroph Thiomicrospira crunogena, Collaborative Research: MIP: Physiology and molecular ecology of thermophilic nitrate-reducing microorgansisms at deep-sea hydrothermal vents, and Collaborative Research: Integrated Studies of Biological Community Structure at Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vents, and funding was provided by NSF grant(s): MCB04-56676, MCB06-43713, OCE03-27353, OCE04-52333, OCE05-25907, and OCE06-23908.
Device Info
Nikon:Coolpix 995
Alvin (HOV)
Data have not been processed or modified since acquisition (e.g. Realtime navigation or sonar data, raw images etc.).

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