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RR1506 Photograph
ROV Jason II seafloor bottom photos at the Havre Volcano Caldera in the Kermadec Arc (RR1506, 2015)
This data set comprises forward-looking still image photographs of the seafloor from the ROV Jason II SuperScorpio camera. The Jason II dives were part of a research expedition to investigate the products of the 2012 eruption of Havre Volcano in the Kermadec Arc and was conducted in 2015 with ROV Jason II and AUV Sentry during Revelle cruise RR1506 (chief scientists Rebecca Carey, Adam Soule). A total of 12 ROV Jason II dives took place in and around the caldera. The pan, tilt, and zoom of the SuperScorpio camera was controlled by the science party. The camera captured one photograph every 10 second but to keep the number of photos manageable, only one photo per minute is presented here. Each image is 12 mega-pixels in size and the file name contains the time of collection. The corresponding position can be obtained from the Jason II navigation and along-track data files. The photographs were collected as part of the project called Elucidating Conduit, Eruption, and Pyroclast Transport Dynamics of Large Silicic Submarine Eruptions. Funding was provided from NSF awards OCE13-57216 to Adam Soule and OCE13-57443 to Bruce Houghton and Rebecca Carey.
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Jason II (ROV)
Data have not been processed or modified since acquisition (e.g. Realtime navigation or sonar data, raw images etc.).

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