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MAR:13N_Sohn Visualization
Three-dimensional visualization of seismicity and multibeam bathymetry at 13°N, Mid-Atlantic Ridge
This three-dimensional visualization of microearthquakes and multibeam bathymetric data was rendered using Fledermaus software. The visualization file is in MPEG4 format. The hypocenters shown in the visualization are presented in Parnell-Turner, R., Sohn, R.A., Peirce, C., Reston, T.J., Macleod, C.J., Searle, R.C. and Simao, N.M (accepted). Seismicity trends and detachment fault structure at 13°N, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Geology. The data set was generated as part the projects called Along-Axis Continuity of Oceanic Detachment Faults, and Seismicity and Fault Structure of Oceanic Detachment Faults. Funding was provided through NSF awards OCE14-58084 and OCE18-39727, and from UK NERC grants.
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