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Microearthquake hypocenter catalog from the detachment faulting system at 13°N, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, obtained using data collected in January 2016
This earthquake hypocenter catalog is derived from short-period ocean-bottom seismograph data, recorded over 10.7 days in 2016. The data file is an ASCII format and contains 2405 double-difference relocated events constrained by 10 or more stations. The header line specifies the columns, with depth being in kilometers beneath the seafloor. The hypocenters and associated focal mechanisms are presented in Parnell-Turner, R., Sohn, R.A., Peirce, C., Reston, T.J., Macleod, C.J., Searle, R.C. and Simao, N.M (accepted). Seismicity trends and detachment fault structure at 13°N, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Geology. The data set was generated as part the projects called Along-Axis Continuity of Oceanic Detachment Faults, and Seismicity and Fault Structure of Oceanic Detachment Faults. Funding was provided through NSF awards OCE14-58084 and OCE18-39727, and from UK NERC grants.
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