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Summary distances to oceanic magnetic polarity block boundaries (anomalies 13ny-34ny) on a global set of mid-ocean ridge flanks (South Atlantic, Indian, South Pacific, and North Pacific Oceans)
Summary distances to magnetic polarity block boundaries measured along plate tectonic flow lines in 13 ridge flank regions. These summary distances were obtained by rescaling and averaging distances determined on a number of ship tracks projected onto plate tectonic flow lines. File names are, e.g., "CAPANT-ANT-bmdist.txt" which denotes distances on the ANT plate ridge flank for anomalies formed at the CAPANT plate boundary. The ridge flank regions presented here are as follows. SAMAFR-AFR: South America-Africa, Africa plate, South Atlantic Ocean. SAMAFR-SAM: South America-Africa, S. America plate, South Atlantic Ocean. CAPSOM-CAP: Capricorn-Somalia, Somalia plate, Indian Ocean. CAPSOM-SOM: Capricorn-Somalia, Capricorn plate, Indian Ocean. CAPANT-CAP: Capricorn-Antarctica, Capricorn plate, Indian Ocean. CAPANT-ANT: Capricorn-Antarctica, Antarctica plate, Indian Ocean. PACANT-PAC: Pacific-Antarctica, Pacific plate, South Pacific Ocean. PACANT-ANT: Pacific-Antarctica, Antarctica plate, South Pacific Ocean. PACBAN-PAC: Pacific-Bellingshausen-Antarctica, Pacific plate, South Pacific Ocean. PACBAN-BAN: Pacific-Bellingshausen-Antarctica, Bellingshausen-Antarctica plate, South Pacific Ocean. PACFAR-PAC: Pacific-Farallon, Pacific plate, North Pacific Ocean. PACFAV-PAC: Pacific-Farallon-Vancouver, Pacific plate, North Pacific Ocean. PACVAN-PAC: Pacific-Vancouver, Pacific plate, North Pacific Ocean. Each summary distance file contains the following columns: (1) Chron: Magnetic polarity block boundary, e.g., C13ny (young end of anomaly 13 normal block). (2) bmdist(km): Summary distance to block boundary measured on a flow line (km). (3) bmdistsdev(km): Standard deviation of summary distance to block boundary (km). The data files are in ASCII format and were generated as part of a project called A global survey of marine magnetic anomalies to constrain the Late Cretaceous-Eocene time scale. Funding was provided by NSF award OCE15-35937.
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The data have been processed/modified to a level beyond that of basic quality control (e.g. final processed sonar data, photo-mosaics).

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