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Malawi_Abdelsalam Magnetic:Field
2013 Total Magnetic Intensity (TMI) gridded aeromagnetic data of southern Malawi 34 45 E – 36 00 E and 14 45 S and 16 15 S (investigator Mohamed Abdelsalam)
This Total Magnetic Intensity (TMI) data set covers the region of southern Malawi between longitudes 34 45 E – 36 00 E and latitudes 14 45 S and 16 15 S. This processed data set is part of aeromagnetic data acquired in 2013 by the Government of Malawi through the Ministry of Mines – Geological Survey Department. The data set was collected with NE-SW oriented flight lines, flight line spacing of 250 m, tie lines spacing of 2.5 km, and an average terrain clearance of 60 m. The data were reduced to pole (RTP); hence the gridded data archived in this data portal is RTP TMI. The data is used in a study of the lithospheric structure beneath the Cretaceous Chilwa Alkaline Province (CAP) in southern Malawi and northeastern Mozambique. The data set is made available to other geoscientists for the purpose of scientific research only. Full acknowledgement should be given to the Government of Malawi – Ministry of Mines – Geological Survey Department. For addition specification of data acquisition contact the Geological Survey Department at P.O. Box 27, Zomba, Malawi.
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The data have been processed/modified to a level beyond that of basic quality control (e.g. final processed sonar data, photo-mosaics).

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