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JdF:Axial_Clague Interpretation:Geologic:Fault/Fissure, Interpretation:Geologic:LavaFlow
Interpreted outlines (version 2) as ASCII points of the 2011 lava flows and eruptive fissures at Axial Seamount, Juan de Fuca Ridge (investigator David Clague)
The outlines of the 2011 lava flows and fissures were published in Clague et al. (2017). This geological interpretation was created using ROV submersible observations and MBARI AUV high-resolution bathymetry from multibeam sonar, and is a revision of the files in data DOI 10.1594/IEDA/323602. The data files are in ASCII format in geographic coordinates and were generated with funding from NOAA/PMEL, MBARI, and NSF.
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The data have been processed/modified to a level beyond that of basic quality control (e.g. final processed sonar data, photo-mosaics).

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