Marine Geoscience Data System
AT18-03 Backscatter:Acoustic, Bathymetry:Swath
Processed near-bottom Multibeam Sonar Data (version 1) from the Gulf of Mexico acquired with AUV Sentry during the Atlantis expedition AT18-03 (2010)
This data set was acquired with a Reson SeaBat 7125 Multibeam Sonar system on the AUV Sentry during Atlantis expedition AT18-03 conducted in 2010 (Chief Scientist: Dr. Charles Fisher). These data files are of MBSystem format and include Acoustic Backscatter and Swath Bathymetry data and were processed at sea using the open source MB-System multibeam sonar processing software. Data were acquired as part of the project(s): Acute Response of Benthic Hard Bottom Communities to Oil Exposure in the Deep Gulf of Mexico.
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Reson:SeaBat 7125
Sentry (AUV)
A level of processing has been undertaken, ensuring quality control (e.g. ping edited sonar data, edited navigation data).

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