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AT15-58 Navigation
Renavigated Alvin Navigation Data from the East Pacific Rise at 9N acquired during Atlantis expedition AT15-58 (2009)
This data set was acquired with a Navigation system on the HOV Alvin during Atlantis expedition AT15-58 conducted in 2009 (Chief Scientist: Dr. Scott Nooner). These data files are of Text File (ASCII) format and include Navigation data and were processed after data collection. Data were acquired as part of the project(s): Establishing a Long-Term Geodetic Network at the East Pacific Rise Ridge 2000 Integrated Studies Site, Testing Models of Magma Movement along the East Pacific Rise using Combined Geodetic and Numerical Experiments, and SGER: A Seafloor Camera System for Flow Rate Measurements in Black Smoker Vents, and funding was provided by NSF grant(s): OCE04-26575, OCE06-47840, and OCE09-17955.
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Alvin (HOV)
The data have been processed/modified to a level beyond that of basic quality control (e.g. final processed sonar data, photo-mosaics).

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