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TN236 Navigation:Primary
Raw ship-based Navigation Data from the Lau Back-arc Basin acquired during the Thomas G. Thompson expedition TN236 (2009)
This data set was acquired with a ship-based Navigation system during Thomas G. Thompson expedition TN236 conducted in 2009 (Chief Scientist: Dr. Anna-Louise Reysenbach; Investigator(s): Dr. Anna-Louise Reysenbach and Dr. Margaret Tivey). These data files are of Shapefile format and include Navigation data that have not been processed. Data were acquired as part of the project(s): Diversity and distribution of thermoacidophiles at deep-sea hydrothermal vents and Collaborative Research: Using thermocouple arrays to investigate temporal and spatial microbial colonization in actively forming hydrothermal vent deposits, and funding was provided by NSF grant(s): OCE07-28391, OCE07-51839, and OCE07-52469.
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Thomas G. Thompson
Data have not been processed or modified since acquisition (e.g. Realtime navigation or sonar data, raw images etc.).

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