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CH0698 Navigation:Primary
Processed ship-based Navigation Data from the New Jersey Continental Shelf acquired during the R/V Cape Hatteras expedition CH0698 (1998)
This data set was acquired with a ship-based Navigation system during R/V Cape Hatteras expedition CH0698 conducted in 1998 (Chief Scientist: Dr. Gregory Mountain). These data files are of ASCII MGDS:Nav format and include Primary Navigation data that were processed after data collection. Data were acquired as part of the project: High-Resolution Nested Imaging of Nearshore Sequences, New Jersey Inner Continental Shelf: Linking Onshore and Offshore Sea-Level Studies, and funding was provided by NSF grant: OCE97-12191.
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Cape Hatteras
A level of processing has been undertaken, ensuring quality control (e.g. ping edited sonar data, edited navigation data).

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