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MGL1110 Seismic:Velocity:Model
Seismic velocity grid, Alaska Langseth Experiment to Understand the megaThrust (ALEUT) Line 5, cruise MGL1110
This is a 2D P-wave velocity model along Alaska Langseth Experiment to Understand the megaThrust (ALEUT) Line 5, which crosses the Alaska subduction zone within the Shumagin segment. The model is constrained by travel time tomography of active-source seismic data recorded on ocean bottom seismometers and one onshore seismic station. The modeled region includes the incoming Pacific plate and the overriding North American plate. Other details can be found in Shillington et al., GRL, 2022. The P-wave velocity model is in GMT-compatible netCDF grid format in which the gridded values are stored as follows: distance along the line (x, km); depth (z, km); P-wave velocity (km/s). The model is masked where there is no ray coverage. The lat/lon end points of the line are: x=0 at latitude 52.452656N/longitude 159.477966W; and x=335 at latitude 55.3492N/longitude 160.885W. This data set was generated as part of the projects called "The Aleutian megathrust from trench to base of the seismogenic zone; integration and synthesis of laboratory, geophysical and geological data"; and, "Megathrust seismic hazards by reflection mapping". Funding was providing through NSF awards OCE09-26614 and EAR13-47312.
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Marcus G. Langseth (Array)
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