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AT42-17 Heatflow
Heat flow data from the Pythia's Oasis methane seep site, 2019 (AT42-17)
Pythia's Oasis is a methane seep site 60 nautical miles offshore the coast of Oregon. This site is different from other seep sites. It hosts a discrete orifice that has continually vented low-salinity, hydrocarbon-bearing fluids since 2015 and was still active as of August of 2022. The site was discovered in 2015 during a Regional Cabled Array (RCA) Operations and Maintenance Cruise using hull-mounted sonar on R/V Thompson to detect methane bubble plumes in the water column. In 2019, in-situ measurements of thermal gradient and thermal conductivity were collected using the OSU 3.5-m violin-style heat flow probe. The thermistor string houses 11 thermistors and measures both the in-situ thermal gradient and thermal conductivity that are combined to determine the heat flow. On most measurements the probe position was determined with ultra-short baseline telemetry (USBL). The data was processed using SlugHeat ( The data file is in Excel spreadsheet format, with column headers. Funding was provided by National Science Foundation award OCE19-02446.
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The data have been processed/modified to a level beyond that of basic quality control (e.g. final processed sonar data, photo-mosaics).

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