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EA_Hydroacoustics Earthquake:Catalog:Microseismicity, Seismic:Passive
T-phase location catalog for equatorial Atlantic ocean, 2011-2015
Catalog of T-phase origins from August 2011 to January 2015, located using waveform arrivals recorded by an array of 8 autonomous moored hydrophones and the hydroacoustic station HA10 (Ascension) maintained by the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization. Instruments were placed in the Sound Fixing And Ranging (SOFAR) channel. Event locations are expected to be associated with earthquakes on transform faults and spreading segments along the equatorial Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The data file is in ASCII text format and contains a header line that describes the file content. The data set was generated as part of the projects called Seismicity of the Equatorial Mid-Atlantic Ridge and Its Large Offset Transforms; and, Along-Axis Continuity of Oceanic Detachment Faults. Funded was provided by NSF awards NSF EAR-1062238, EAR-1062165, and OCE-1839727.
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