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HD-YLAKE Seismic:Passive:OBH
Audio-quality hydrophone data from Yellowstone Lake - Deep Hole thermal area, August, 2017
This data set was acquired with a High Tech HTI-90-U hydrophone and sampled at 44.1 kHz (24-bit). The hydrophone and data logger were packaged and lowered to the floor of Yellowstone Lake at a depth of ~115 m from R/V Annie, owned and operated by The Global Foundation for Ocean Exploration. The unit was placed in a weakly venting area of the Deep Hole thermal field. Recording began several hours before the unit was deployed in the lake. Only those files that contain data from the hydrothermal field are archived here. The unit was deployed on August 16, 2017 at the end of a day of field work, prior to departing the study site, and recorded overnight, when noise levels in the lake are lowest. The unit was then recovered the following morning (August 17) prior to the start of field work that day. In addition to data from the sublacustrine environment, ship and propeller noise is clearly audible in the records during deployment and recovery, but noise levels are low during the local (MDT) nighttime hours. The files are in WAV audio file format. Recorder voltage response is 978000 counts/volt. The data were acquired by Robert Sohn (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) as part of the Hydrothermal Dynamics of Yellowstone Lake (HD-YLAKE) project, funded by the National Science Foundation, EAR-1516361. All work in Yellowstone National Park was completed under an authorized research permit (YELL-2018-SCI-7018).
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High Tech, Inc.:HTI-90-U
Data have not been processed or modified since acquisition (e.g. Realtime navigation or sonar data, raw images etc.).

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