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AT11-09 Temperature
Raw high-temperature time series data from the East Pacific Rise 9°50'N hydrothermal vents M and Q (2004-2006)
This data set consists of raw hydrothermal high-temperature vent time-series measurements from Multidisciplinary Instrumentation in Support of Oceanography (MISO) vent fluid temperature loggers deployed in 2004 during R/V Atlantis cruise AT11-09 at M vent and Q vent at the East Pacific Rise (EPR), near 9° 51'N. The MISO high-temperature vent fluid loggers used for this study contained two Onset Computer ( temperature recording chips connected to resistance temperature device (RTD) sensors, each with a resolution of 1°C. The sensing capability of this instrument was limited to the range between 152–408°C because they are 8-bit devices [see Fornari et al. (1998a) for instrument details]. Exit-vent fluid temperatures were recorded continuously over more than 20 months at 36 minute intervals. These raw data files contain the raw data as downloaded from the instruments upon recovery. The files are in tab-separated ASCII format and include a header that defines the data columns: First column = Date Time; Second column = Temperature in Degrees Celsius. In the file names, 623721 and 623731 refer to the ONSET temperature logging chip serial number. The data set was collected as part of the projects called Integrated Studies of Biological Community Structure at Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vents; Temporal Variations in Hydrothermal Fluid Chemistry at 9-10N East Pacific Rise: Elucidating Ties to Crustal and Biological Processes; Evaluation of EPR Hydrothermal Systems: Causes of Continued Chemical Instability at 9-10 degrees N vs. Stability at 21 degrees N; and, Faunal Survey of Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vents and Cold Seeps Off Northern California and Oregon. The data acquisition was funded through NSF awards DEB00-72695, OCE00-02458, OCE03-27126, OCE03-27261. Current analysis of these data and ongoing studies of EPR high-temperature vent fluids and time-series temperature measurements are being done with NSF awards OCE18-34797, OCE19-48936, OCE19-49485, OCE19-49938 as part of the projects called EAGER: Early Career Training Cruise Opportunity - East Pacific Rise 9° 50'N; and, Monitoring hydrothermal fluids, crustal permeability and seafloor morphology in preparation for the next volcanic eruption at the East Pacific Rise, 9° 50'N.
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Data have not been processed or modified since acquisition (e.g. Realtime navigation or sonar data, raw images etc.).

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