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Explore IEDA's global interdisciplinary data holdings through an interactive map interface. The IEDA Data Browser uses the GMRT Synthesis as a backdrop, and allows you to zoom to areas of interest and search across IEDA systems to discover interdisciplinary research data.

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MGDS and its partner system EarthChem together provide a suite of services in support of observational solid earth research in the Ocean, Earth, and Polar Sciences.

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Antarctic Data Resources

The Antarctic & Southern Ocean Data Portal provides access to geoscience data from the Antarctic region, primarily acquired with the R/Vs Nathaniel B. Palmer and Laurence M. Gould.

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Visualization Tools

Use our desktop apps GeoMapApp and Virtual Ocean to explore, visualize and analyze your own data within the context of hundreds of other earth science data from around the world.

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GMRT MapTool

Create your own custom maps & grids! GMRT MapTool provides instant access to our GMRT Synthesis, a global multi-resolutional data set which includes seafloor bathymetry data to 100-m resolution where data are available.

Recent Data Contributions

  • Sidescan data collected by a ferry boat, the Mozorola, and a barge, the Morrito #2, in Lake Nicaragua (May 6-24, 2006) and Lake Managua (May 26-31, 2006). View Data
  • Three-dimensional P-wave velocity structure of the Nankai trough region, SW Japan (investigators: Adrien F. Arnulf, Dan Bassett, Alistair Harding). View Data
  • Image of the three-dimensional P-wave velocity structure of the Nankai trough region, SW Japan (investigators: Adrien F. Arnulf, Dan Bassett, Alistair Harding). View Data
  • Gridded bathymetric data around Pico, Faial, and Sao Jorge islands, Azores (2003 survey). View Data
  • Single-channel seismic field data on the north Panama thrust belt, acquired by the R/V Moana Wave (MW8508) in 1985. View Data

Recent Citations

  • Wang et al., 2020, Expansion of the Southern California oxygen minimum zone during the early-to mid-Holocene due to reduced ventilation of the Northeast Pacific, Quaternary Science Reviews, 238, 106326-. doi: 10.1016/j.quascirev.2020.106326.
  • Meyer, 2020, Examination of the Impact of One-Dimensional Crustal Structures on Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake Locations, Thesis.
  • Yu and Liu, 2020, Non-mantle-plume process caused the initial spreading of the South China Sea, Sci. Rep., 10. doi: 10.1038/s41598-020-65174-y.
  • Ahmed et al., 2020, Influence of hydro-climatic factors on future coastal land susceptibility to erosion in Bangladesh: a geospatial modelling approach, JGSA, 4. doi: 10.1007/s41651-020-00050-x.
  • Fujiwara et al., 2020, Independent allopatric polyploidizations shaped the geographical structure and initial stage of reproductive isolation in an allotetraploid fern, Lepisorus nigripes (Polypodiaceae), PLoS ONE, 15. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0233095.