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SEIR_Holmes ModelParameters
Input and parameter files for a seismic velocity model of the Southeast Indian Ridge between 100-116E (investigator Chad Holmes)
This data set contains seismic velocity model input and parameter files that were used in the seismic velocity models published in Holmes et al. (2008). The files are of ASCII format in a TAR bundle and include information on source-receiver geometry, weighting factor, analysis limit, Moho reflector depth, and ray paths. Wide-angle seismic refraction lines were shot during cruise EW0114 to four ocean bottom hydrophones within SEIR segments P1, P2, S1, and T. The 2-D crustal velocity models were constructed by jointly inverting hand-picked P wave refraction (Pg) and Moho reflection (PmP) traveltime data using a top-down, minimum-structure methodology. These data files were generated as part of the project called "The Effects of Changes in Mantle Temperature on Melt Supply and Crustal Accretion: An MCS Reflection and OBH Refraction Study of the Southeast Indian Ridge", and funding was provided by NSF grant 99-11720.
Holmes, Chadwick
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A level of processing has been undertaken, ensuring quality control (e.g. ping edited sonar data, edited navigation data).

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