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TCS06NH Chemistry:Sediment, ParticleFlux
Processed Sediment Geochemistry and Particle Flux Time Series Data from the East Pacific Rise at 9N acquired during New Horizon expedition TCS06NH (2006)
This data set was acquired during New Horizon expedition TCS06NH conducted in 2006 (Chief Scientist: Dr. James Cowen; Investigator: Dr. Christopher German). The data file is in Microsoft Excel format and includes Sediment Geochemistry and Particle Flux time series data that was processed after collection. The data was acquired as part of the projects: A Ridge 2000 Time Critical Studies Response Cruise to an Eruptive Event; Traps and Pumps for Hydrothermal Sampling; Oceanographic and Topographic Influences on Dispersal of Hydrothermal Vent Species; Continuation Time-Series Responses to a Mid-Ocean Ridge Volcanic Event: Juan de Fuca and Gorda Ridges; and, ABR: Detailed Mapping and Modeling of Submarine Lava Flows and Emplacement Processes: The East Pacific Rise 9 deg 25'N to 9 deg 55'N. Funding was provided by NSF grants: OCE02-22069, OCE04-24953, and OCE05-25863.
German, Christopher
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A level of processing has been undertaken, ensuring quality control (e.g. ping edited sonar data, edited navigation data).

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