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KM1922 Bathymetry:Swath
High-resolution gridded multibeam bathymetry data (netCDF grid format) of Pacific seafloor in the region of the old ORCA OBS array (31S,158W to 38S,152W)
The bathymetry was mapped with a Simrad EM122 multibeam system (1° x 2° system, 12 kHz swath mapping) in Nov/Dec 2019, and processed for quality control through QIMERA software while onboard the vessel. In addition to tracks between ocean bottom seismometer drop sites associated with the Old ORCA experiment (a US contribution to the PacificArray initiative), this data set contains multibeam swath passes within the field region, and on transits to/from Tahiti, and to/from a rescue at ~30S,153W. Sippican MK-21/PC-based XBT measurements were conducted at least daily to account for varying sound speed throughout the experiment, and processed through Simrad SIS software. The final bathymetric maps and grids were created using MATLAB and GMT. The data files are in GMT-compatible netCDF grid format suitable for import to GMT scripts. The km1922_all.grd file contains bathymetry for the entire cruise mapped at 50 m resolution, and the obs_array.grd file contains bathymetry for just the OBS array region, at 100 m resolution. The data files were generated as part of a project called Imaging small-scale convection and structure of the mantle in the south Pacific: a US contribution to international collaboration PacificArray, and Seismological Components of the MELT Experiment on the Southern East Pacific Rise. Funding was provided by NSF awards OCE16-58491, OCE16-58214 and OCE94-02375.
Eilon, Zach
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Kilo Moana
The data have been processed/modified to a level beyond that of basic quality control (e.g. final processed sonar data, photo-mosaics).

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