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TN037 Backscatter:Acoustic, Bathymetry:Swath
Multibeam Swath Bathymetry and Acoustic Backscatter data from the Shatsky Rise and Hawaiian Seamounts acquired during R/V Thomas G. Thompson expedition TN037 (1994)
This data set was acquired with an Atlas Elecktronik Hydrosweep DS Multibeam Sonar during R/V Thomas G. Thompson expedition TN037 conducted in 1994 (Investigators: William Sager and Adam Klaus). The data files are in MBSystem-compatible format (format 24). Data were acquired as part of the project: Site Survey and Geophysical Study of the Origin and Evolution of Shatsky Rise. Funding was provided by NSF award: OCE93-14229.
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Atlas:Hydrosweep DS
Thomas G. Thompson

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