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MontereyCanyon_CCE Backscatter:Acoustic, CurrentMeasurement, Velocity:Doppler
Water column velocity and backscatter data collected during three sediment gravity flow events in Monterey Canyon as part of the Coordinated Canyon Experiment (investigators C. Paull, P. Talling, K. Maier, D. Parsons, J. Xu)
The Coordinated Canyon Experiment was set up to measure the passage of sediment gravity flows down Monterey Canyon. Here raw velocity data and raw backscatter data associated with three flow events are provided. The events took place on January 15th 2016, September 1st 2016 and November 24th 2016. The data from the first two events was collected from six moorings MS-1 (300 m water depth), MS-2 (500 m water depth), MS-3 (800 m water depth), MS-4 (1285 m water depth), MS-5 (1449 m water depth), and MS-7 (1850 m water depth), and from a Seafloor Instrument Node (SIN) at 1840 m water depth. Data for the November 24th 2016 event from the MS-1 moorings is also provided. The moorings held downward-looking ADCPs positioned 65 to 70 m above the seafloor. In the SIN, the ADCP was at the seafloor looking upwards. All instruments were synced initially on the same time base. MS-1 broke loose during the January 15th 2016 event and the ADCP kept recording while the mooring traveled down canyon and ultimately surfaced. The ADCP at MS-4 did not collect data during the September 1st 2016 event. File names start with the mooring name followed by the type and frequency of ADCP, and the date of the event. Files contain velocity and backscatter data over time. Times are UTC, except for the SIN data from the January 15th 2016 event, which is in local time (UTC is 7 hours ahead). Velocities are reported in millimeters per second and backscatter is reported in the output units of the ADCP, Echo Intensity Units (EIC), which are proportional to decibels. Files were converted to ASCII text format from the RDI proprietary format. Funding was provided by The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Natural Environment Research Council (NE/K011480/1), U.S. Geological Survey, and Ocean University of China.
Paull, Charles
Talling, Peter
Durham University
Maier, Katie
Parsons, Daniel
University of Hull
Xu, Jingping
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