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MGL0910 Seismic:Velocity:Model
ETOMO: Shallow mantle seismic velocity structure at the Endeavour segment of the Juan de Fuca Ridge (investigators Doug Toomey, Brandon VanderBeek, Emilie Hooft, William Wilcock)
This data set is a tomographic model image of P-wave seismic velocity structure at a shallow mantle depth of 7.8km beneath the seafloor at the Juan de Fuca Endeavour Ridge. The model was derived from active-source data acquired during the ETOMO 3-D seismic tomography experiment conducted during Langseth cruise MGL0910 in 2009 (chief scientists Doug Toomey, Emilie Hooft, William Wilcock). The model and results are described in VanderBeek et al. (2016). Using a 3-D starting model of crustal velocity and thickness from previous tomographic studies of crustal refractions and Moho reflections, an iterative tomographic inversion was performed with more than 5,000 hand-picked Pn mantle refraction arrival times. Travel-time residuals were inverted for 3-D slowness perturbations, and ray paths and travel-times were predicted using a shortest-path algorithm. Ray tracing was performed on a 3-D grid parameterized with anisotropic slowness and seafloor topography. Azimuthal variations in Pn travel-time residuals were used to identify segment-scale anisotropic structure. The data set is in PDF format. It was generated as part of the projects called ETOMO: Endeavour Seismic Tomography Experiment and Testing Models of Magmatic and Hydrothermal Segmentation: A 3-D Seismic Tomography Experiment at the Endeavour Ridge. Funding was provided by NSF Ridge 2000 program grants OCE04-54747 and OCE04-54700.
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Marcus G. Langseth
The data have been processed/modified to a level beyond that of basic quality control (e.g. final processed sonar data, photo-mosaics).

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