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JdF:Axial_Deformation Pressure, Temperature
Processed Bottom Pressure Recorder (BPR) data from uncabled instruments deployed at Axial Seamount on the Juan de Fuca Ridge (investigators William Chadwick and Scott Nooner)
Bottom Pressure Recorder (BPR) data from autonomous, battery-powered, internally recording, uncabled instruments deployed at Axial Seamount on the Juan de Fuca Ridge since 2000. The BPRs are of two types: (1) moored instruments, built by NOAA/PMEL, that record pressure in psi every 15 seconds, which were free-fall deployed and later recovered via acoustic release by surface ship, and (2) mini-BPRs (TG11s), built by Scripps Institution of Oceanography, that record pressure in kPa every 100 seconds, which were deployed and recovered on seafloor benchmarks by a remotely operated vehicle. The raw pressure data have been converted to depth in meters by multiplying kPa values by 0.14503773800722 psi/kPa, and psi values by 0.67 meters/psi. Each ASCII file is the data from one BPR deployment, typically 1-3 years. The data files here include: date/time, raw-depth, temperature, detided-depth, and, where available, low-pass-filter-detided-depth, the drift-corrected-raw-depth, drift-corrected-detided-depth, and drift-corrected-low-pass-filter-detided-depth. Drift corrections are made only for BPRs co-located with seafloor benchmarks where campaign-style Mobile Pressure Recorder measurements were used to determine the drift. De-tiding was done by subtracting predicted tides from SPOTL software for data sets before 2015, and for data sets after 2015 from predicted-tide files based on previous Axial BPR data from Rick Thomson at Institute of Ocean Sciences in Sydney, BC. See ASCII notes files for other information and spreadsheet log for deployment locations and other metadata. Funding provided by NOAA/PMEL and by NSF grants OCE-0725605/0726093, OCE-1155849/1155381, OCE-1356839/1356216, and OCE-1736882,OCE-1736926 (investigators William Chadwick and Scott Nooner).
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The data have been processed/modified to a level beyond that of basic quality control (e.g. final processed sonar data, photo-mosaics).

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