Marine Geoscience Data System

MGDS References

Haymon, R.M., D.J. Fornari, K.L. Von Damm, M.D. Lilley, M.R. Perfit, J.M. Edmond, W.C. Shanks, III, R.A. Lutz, J.M. Grebmeier, S. Carbotte, D. Wright, E. McLaughlin, M. Smith, N. Beedle and E. Olson, "Volcanic eruption of the mid-ocean ridge along the East Pacific Rise crest at 9°45-52'N: Direct submersible observations of seafloor phenomena associated with an eruption event in April, 1991", Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 119: 85-101, 1993, DOI 10.1016/0012-821X(93)90008-W.   (View Reference)