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Ridge 2000 Data Portal: News

This page provides news announcements and data updates related to the Ridge 2000 Data Portal. Please visit the MGDS News page for general MGDS news announcements and updates.


January 2016

Seafloor pressure and temperature data added for Juan de Fuca Axial Seamount program JdF:Axial_Deformation (Chief Sci: Chadwick).



November 2015

From the Juan de Fuca Endeavour Segment, bathymetry, sidescan and water column data collected with AUV D. Allan B. during cruise AT15-36 (Chief Sci: Holden) is now available.

July 2015

Newly available are ABE AUV bathymetry data for the central Atlantic Lost City vent field AT07-34 (Chief Sci: Kelley); wide-angle sonobuoy data for the East Pacific Rise from cruises EW9102 (Chief Sci: Detrick) and RC2204 (Chief Sci: Windisch), and Costa Rica Rift cruise (EW9416, Chief Sci: Detrick); and, Mid-Atlantic Ridge hydrothermal vent fluid electrochemistry data KN209-02 (Chief Sci: Luther).

April 2015

Gorda Rise wide-angle sonobuoy data from cruise EW9413 (Chief Sci: Diebold) and a microseismicity catalog for the Endeavour Segment of the Juan de Fuca Spreading Center (JdF:Endeavour_Wilcock, Chief Sci: Wilcock, Hooft Toomey, Toomey) are now available.



October 2014

Jason II bottom photos were added for AT15-17 (Chief Sci: Klein; East Pacific Rise at 9N) and for the TAG and Snake Pit hydrothermal vent sites (KN209-02, Chief Sci: Luther). Alvin dive navigation and bottom photos were added for AT15-22 (Chief Sci: Lee; Endeavour Segment of the Juan de Fuca Spreading Center), AT15-39 (Chief Sci: Cary; East Pacific Rise at 9N), and AT15-67 (Chief Sci: Lee; Juan de Fuca Spreading Center). For the Mid-Atlantic Ridge - Lucky Strike vent field, geological interpretations and DSL-120 sidescan sonar grids are now available KN145-19 (Chief Sci: Fornari).

July 2014

For the Juan de Fuca Endeavour segment, a bathymetry compilation of AUV- and ship-derived multibeam data was added (JdF:Endeavour_Bathymetry, Chief Sci: Kelley) along with Jason II dive navigation from cruise TN157 (Chief Sci: Kelley). Other JdF data sets made available include Alvin dive navigation for AT11-13 (Chief Sci: Kelley) and AT03-56 (Chief Sci: Delaney), Alvin and Jason II dive navigation from AT03-53 (Chief Sci: Delaney), and ROV Tiburon dive navigation for TN172 (Chief Sci: Delaney). Magnetic field data is now available for Central Indian Ridge KNOX11RR (Chief Sci: Fueri).

April 2014

Photographs and video collected using the Jason II ROV during the 2011 EPR:9N cruise AT18-12 (Chief Sci: Scott Nooner) are now available.



September 2013

Seismic velocity models and model parameters from the Southeast Indian Ridge were contributed by Chad Holmes SEIR:AAD_Holmes and SEIR_Holmes

August 2013

ROV Jason Navigation has been made available for MAR cruise KN209-02 (Chief Sci: George Luther).

Final post-eruption DSL120 sidescan grids from the EPR were contributed by Adam Soule AT15-17.

March 2013

A technical report with information concerning the Rainbow and Snakepit vent fields is now online in the Related Document section for cruise KN209-02 (Chief Sci: George Luther).

Bathymetry and sidescan grids and images from Galapagos cruise MV1007 (Chief Sci: Karen Harpp) are now available.

Hydrophone mooring data deployed on RR0916 and MGL0902 and recovered on KM1007 are now available.

January 2013

Geophysical data and near-bottom photos are now available from Galapagos cruise MV1007.

Permeability Model Results, based on EPR Microseismicity Catalog data were submitted by Tim Crone and are now available.



September 2012

Processed ROV Jason II navigation data from Lau cruises TN235 and TN236 are now available.

April 2012

Electrochemistry data from Lau cruise TN235 was submitted by George Luther and is now available.

Shipboard data from Lau cruise RR0916 (Chief Sci: Del Bohnensteil) are now available.

February 2012

Bathymetry grids and sidescan mosaics acquired with the DSL-120A at the East Pacific Rise during AT15-17 (Chief Sci: Emily Klein) were submitted by Scott White and are now available.

Near-bottom bathymetry grids (1m resolution) acquired with AUV Sentry at the Galapagos Spreading Center during AT15-63 (Chief Sci: John Sinton) were submitted by Scott White, and are now available.

Basic entry with metadata and shipboard data from East Pacific Rise cruise AT18-12 (Chief Sci: Scott Nooner) have been uploaded.

January 2012

New electronic metadata forms are now available for cataloging land and marine field programs. They capture basic information about the field program, including instruments used and types of data collected. Information on registering and cataloging samples is also contained in the forms.

Short step-by-step GeoMapApp video tutorials can now be viewed on YouTube.



November 2011

Dive sample metadata are now available through SESAR for Juan de Fuca cruise AT15-67 (Chief Sci: Ray Lee).

Dive sample metadata and TowCam sample metadata are now available for Galapagos cruise AT15-63 (Chief Sci: John Sinton).

For the Juan de Fuca ISS, web galleries of Alvin bottom photos collected during AT15-22 and AT15-67 (Chief Sci: Ray Lee) are now available.

ABE SM2000 near-bottom bathymetry grids (2-5 m resolution) from the Manus Basin cruise MGLN06MV (Chief Sci: Maurice Tivey) were contributed and are now available.

October 2011

New data submission web forms were launched for the submission of spreadsheets and NetCDF grid files.

For the Juan de Fuca ISS, basic information is now available for the NeMO 2011 Atlantis cruise AT18-08 (Chief Sci: Bill Chadwick). A high-resolution 25m EM300 bathymetric grid of Axial Seamount and a 100m bathymetric compilation grid of the JdF and Gorda ridges and plates were provided by Susan Merle of the NOAA VENTS program, are available for download here and were added to GeoMapApp.

August 2011

Fluid Chemistry Data (Metal Fractions) from the EPR were submitted by Julie Bryce and Florencia Prado, and are now available for three post-eruption cruises: AT15-06, AT15-13, AT15-27. Each data set includes a README file that explains the analytical methods. These files complement previously submitted Fluid Chemistry (Dissolved Majors) data from several cruises (AT11-20, AT15-06, AT15-13, AT15-27).

In collaboration with the Ridge 2000 Office, additional references were integrated into the Ridge 2000 References Database.

June 2011

In recognition of World Oceans Day on June 8, the MGDS Global Multi-Resolution Topography Synthesis was published in Google Earth. Along with this publication, two Google Tours were released highlighting Seafloor Features and Ridge 2000 Science. The Ridge 2000 Tour would not have been possible without the contributions of several members of the Ridge 2000 Community including Chuck Fisher, Deb Kelley, Tim Shank, Joe Resing, Dan Fornari, Tim Crone, Scott White, Veronique Robigou, and Liz Goehring. In addition to the Ridge 2000 Tour, several Ridge 2000 images and videos already available in the Ridge 2000 Media Bank have been posted to the Google Earth Explore the Oceans Layer. Please contact us if you have additional content you'd like to share.

Fledermaus Visualizations assembled by the SIO Visualization Lab for each of the Ridge 2000 ISSs have been brought into the Data Portal, and are now available.

New Help Pages for the Ridge 2000 Custom Search Interface was released along with a Survey to solicit feedback from the user communities. The survey will be open until June 30.

May 2011

Fluid Chemistry data from Karen Von Damm's lab, assembled and submitted by Julie Bryce and Florencia Prado, from several cruises to EPR spanning 2004-2007 (AT11-20, AT15-06, AT15-13, AT15-27) are now available.

Time series of current measurements and larval and chemical flux data from EPR covering 2004-2005 (AT11-20, AT11-26) that were submitted by Diane Adams in February, 2011, are now available for download.

April 2011

A new Ridge 2000 Custom Search Interface was launched. This new interface includes auto-complete text box input, and improved search by location options including search by feature of interest. In addition, as search terms are added, the interface guides users toward search term choices that will return data.

A new Reference Submission Web Form was launched to enable contributions of citation information to the Ridge 2000 references database.

March 2011

A new Data Holdings Web Page was launched on the GeoMapApp site to describe data that is accessible in GeoMapApp. See Focus Sites to learn about Ridge 2000 data sets currently accessible in GeoMapApp.

February 2011

Current Measurement (ADCP, LADCP, Current meter) and CTD data from the LADDER program were submitted by Andreas Thurnherr and are available on the related cruise pages, AT15-12, AT15-14, AT15-26.

Time series of current measurements and larval and chemical flux data from EPR covering 2004-2005 (AT11-20, AT11-26) were submitted by Diane Adams. These data are on proprietary hold, but are anticipated to be released within the month. This data submission also includes animations showing regional ocean circulation patterns around the EPR ISS.

High-resolution EM122 and EM1002 bathymetric grids were added for the 2010 Chadwick-Dziak Kilo Moana cruise to NW Rota-1.

January 2011

Near-bottom bathymetry data (5m resolution) colelcted at the Rainbow Vent Field on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge during KNOX18RR (Chief Scientist: Anna-Louise Reysenbach) were contributed by Vicki Ferrini and are now available.

Fluid chemistry data from the Medusa vent at EPR, Atlantis cruise AT15-17 (Chief Scientist: Emily Klein) were submitted by Julie Bryce and are now available.



November 2010

All data from Lau cruise KM0804 (Chief Scientist: Fernando Martinez) have been publicly released.

Bathymetry data from the MBARI Mapping AUV used during the West Mata Rapid Response Cruise TN234 (Chief Sci: Joe Resing) were submitted, but will remain on proprietary hold until May 2011.

October 2010

Jason navigation files and web galleries from the West Mata Rapid Response Cruise TN234 (Chief Scientist: Joe Resing), including High-Def images are now available.

New functionality providing map-based access to select data sets hosted by the Ridge 2000 Data Portal was implemented in GeoMapApp. Look under Focus Sites -- Ridge 2000 Program -- Additional R2K Data Sets, or under Datasets - Selected Datasets from MGDS.

Shapefiles describing lava morphologies based on post-eruption TowCam imagery from the East Pacific Rise were submitted by Allison Fundis and are now available for download. These data area also accessible in GeoMapApp under the East Pacific Rise Focus Site.

CTD data from Juan de Fuca Ridge cruises AT11-31, AT15-09, and JPT2005-16, submitted by Russ McDuff and Jonathan Kellogg, are now available for download.

September 2010

Near-bottom high-resolution (1-m) bathymetry data from benchmark surveys (Soule et al., 2008) conducted at the EPR during AT15-17 (Chief Sci: E. Klein) are now available in GeoMapApp under the EPR Focus Site.

Web galleries of Alvin external still images from EPR cruise AT11-07 (Chief Sci: H. Schouten) were created and are now available.

Interpretations of seafloor features derived from Argo-I photos and video collected at EPR in 1989 during VNTR03WT (Chief Sci: R. Haymon) were submitted by Dawn Wright and are now available for download. These data area also accessible in GeoMapApp under the East Pacific Rise Focus Site.

New data from the LAUB-FLEX (Deep Circulation and Dispersal in the Lau Basin using Floats) have been made available for floats deployed during KM0410 and KM0417.

HOBO data from EPR that were submitted by Julie Bryce for several of Karen Von Damm's cruises (A131-11, A131-12, A131-24, A132-18, A132-25) are now available for download. These data can be accessed through each cruise's web page, and through the compilation entry EPR:9N_VonDamm).

August 2010

New web galleries of near-bottom images collectred with Jason II during Lau Basin cruise TN235 (Chief Sci: C. Fisher) were created and are now available.

A web gallery of near-bottom images from an EPR infrastructure dive conducted during AT15-17 (Chief Sci: E. Klein) was created and is now available.

References database updated due to responses in Ridge 2000 Community Meeting white papers.

Legacy Alvin navigation data from East Pacific Rise cruises A125-24 and A125-38 (Chief Sci: Dan Fornari) were contributed by Dawn Wright, and are now available.

July 2010

New Ridge 2000 References Database launched on Data Portal - this integrates full set of references from the Ridge 2000 Office and provides direct access to relavent data and cruises/compilations

SESAR IGSNs for samples collected during Lau Basin Rapid Response Cruise TN234 were submitted by Ken Rubin and have been integrated into the data system providing direct linkages from MGDS sample metadata to SESAR.

Julie Bryce and Florencia Prado submitted their compilation of Karen Von Damm's EPR temperature and chemistry data (EPR:9N_VonDamm). The data are currently under proprietary restriction but access can be granted upon request. A revised Data Compliance Plan from Julie Bryce is also now available.

June 2010

A basic entry was created for Guaymas Basin cruise AT15-55 (Chief Scientist: Anna-Louise Reysenbach). Shipboard data have been inventoried and archived, but remain under proprietary restriction. Alvin navigation data were processed, and links to Alvin Frame Grabber imagery were created.

Marv Lilley submitted EPR temperature data from probes deployed on AT15-06 and recovered on AT15-13. The data are now available.

A basic entry was created for EPR cruise AT15-58 (Chief Scientist: Scott Nooner). Shipboard data have been inventoried and archived, Alvin navigation data were processed, and links were made to the Alvin Frame Grabber for this cruise.

Fluid Chemistry Data from major samples collected during TUIM07MV were submitted by George Luther and are now available (Hsu-Kim et al., 2008)

April 2010

Rock Chemistry data from Lau Rapid Response Cruise TN234 was submitted by David Clague. These data are under proprietary restriction.

Particulate Chemistry data from AT15-26 was submitted by Chip Breier.

Using the new Data Compliance Web Form, Data Compliance Plans were submitted by: Stefan Sievert (Award OCE04-52333), Chip Breier (Award OCE05-50331), Geoff Wheat (Award OCE02-42088), Meg Tivey (Award OCE02-41796), Jeff Seewald (Award OCE02-41796), and Giora Proskurowski (Award OCE06-47800).

March 2010

Sample metadata from JdF cruise AT15-51 (Chief Scientist: Andy Fisher) were submitted by Ray Lee and are now available.

A new web form was launched as part of the Ridge 2000 Data Portal to facilitate Data Compliance Reporting and promote Integration and Synthesis.

Web-galleries of Alvin external still images is now available for EPR cruise AT15-28 (Chief Scientist: Stefan Sievert)

The Ridge 2000 MediaBank contributed content to an article about the sounds of Hydrothermal Vents on the website "Discovery of Sound in the Sea"

February 2010

DSL120 Phase Bathymetry and Sidescan grids from the southern EPR PANR05MV (Chief Scientist: Richard Hey) were contributed by Del Bohnensteihl and are now available.

A basic cruise entry was created for Galapagos Cruise AT07-13 (Chief Scientist: Stephen Hammond) to accomodate dive videos submitted by Dan Fornari for MediaBank.

Tide and temperature time series from TAG was submitted by Rob Sohn and is now available (Related Cruises: AT07-36 and KN180-01).

January 2010

Processed ROV Jason2 Navigation for dives conducted in the Manus Basin during MGLN06MV (Chief Scientist: Maurice Tivey) were contributed by Vicki Ferrini and are now available.

DSL120 Sidescan and Bathymetry grids as well as ship-based EM120 data from the Lau Basin were contributed by Fernando Martinez (KM0804), and are now available.

Basic cruise metadata and EM300 raw multibeam data submitted by Dan Fornari for Galapagos Spreading Center cruise TN189 (Chief Scientist: Mark Holmes) is now available.

DSL120 backscatter data and EM300 bathymetry data from Galapagos Spreading Center Expedition TN188 are now available in GeoMapApp. Data are accessible under Focus Sites -- Galapagos Spreading Center.

Basic cruise metadata and sample metadata submitted for EPR/Guaymas cruise AT15-38 (Chief Scientist: Stefan Sievert) is now available.



December 2009

Basic cruise metadata, shipboard data, and sample metadata for NW Rota-1 cruise TN232 (Chief Scientist: Bill Chadwick) is now available.

Basic cruise metadata, shipboard data, dive sample metadata and CTD sample metadata for Lau Cruise TN235 (Chief Scientist: Chuck Fisher) is now available.

Basic entry and shipboard geophysical data are now available for Lau Cruise KM0804 (Chief Scientist: Fernando Martinez)

Dive sample, temperature observations, and CTD sample metadata for AT15-47 (Chief Scientist: Jim Holden) now available.

Links to Alvin FrameGrabber photos have been updated in GeoMapApp for EPR, and now include dives from AT11-07, AT11-10, AT11-20, AT11-26, AT15-06, AT15-13, AT15-14, AT15-15, AT15-26, AT15-27, AT15-28, and AT15-32.

Sample metadata and shipboard data from Manus Basin cruise MGLN06MV (Chief Scientist: Maurice Tivey) are now available.

Cruise reports for Lau cruise TN235 (Chief Scientist: Chuck Fisher) and JdF cruise AT15-36 (Chief Scientist: Jim Holden) are now available.

Raw and processed shipboard multibeam data from several JdF cruises (TN146, TN157, TN172, and TN183) were contributed by Deb Kelley and are now available.

Basic cruise metadata and shipboard data were added for Lau Cruise TN236 (Chief Scientist: Anna-Louise Reysenbach), and basic cruise metadata was added for Lau Cruise KM0805 (Chief Scientist: Fernando Martinez).

Basic cruise metadata was added for JdF Cruises AT15-47 (Chief Scientist: Jim Holden) and AT15-51 (Chief Scientist: Andy Fisher).

A spreadsheet containing species lists and information about preservation method and sample characterists, as well as corresponding temperature data for Paralvinella samples collected at EPR (AT15-25) and JdF (AT15-22, AT15-34, AT15-51) was submitted by Pete Girguis and Geoff Dilly, and is now available.

November 2009

Pressure (tide) and temperature data from EPR extending from 02/2007(AT15-16) to 06/2008(AT15-32) was submitted by Spahr Webb and is now available.

Georeferenced photomosaics, and corresponding GIS layers that describe species distribution and fluid chemistry from Lau Basin Cruises TUIM07MV and MGLN07MV were submitted by Liz Podowski and Chuck Fisher and are now available.

Basic cruise metadata and underway data was loaded for Juan de Fuca cruise MGL0910 (Chief Scientist: Doug Toomey).

October 2009

Web Galleries of Alvin external still images now available for EPR cruiseAT15-32(Chief Scientist: George Luther) and JdF cruise AT15-34 (Chief Scientist: Ray Lee).

Data Portal presentation made at the Ridge 2000 Workshop held in St. Louis: Developing a holistic view of oceanic spreading center processes (more information).

Basic cruise metadata and underway data loaded for Lau cruise MGL0903 (Chief Scientist: Robert Dunn).

September 2009

Web galleries of ABE near-bottom images from Lau Basin Cruise KM0417 (Chief Scientist: Charlie Langmuir) are now available.

Basic cruise data and sample inventories were added for MAR cruise KNOX18RR (Chief Scientist: Anna-Louise Reysenbach).

Temperature data from Microbial Incubators deployed at JdF during TN157 and recovered during AT11-13 were provided by Deb Kelley and are now available.

Basic cruise information for Lau Cruise MGL0902 (Chief Scientist: Del Bohnenstiehl) is now available, including the locations of deployed instruments.

August 2009

Basic cruise metadata and shipboard data files for the Ridge/MARGINS Rapid Response Cruise TN234 to the Lau Basin (Chief Scientist: Joe Resing) are now available.

General cruise information can now be viewed for Lau ELSC cruise MGL0903 (Jan-Mar, 2009, PIs Wiens, Conder, Webb, Menke, Dunn).

Basic cruise metadata and data inventories for EPR cruises AT15-38 (Chief Scientist: Stefan Sievert) and AT15-39 (Chief Scientist: Stephen Cary) are now available.

Physical properties data (permeability, porosity) for samples from Mothra collected during the 1998 EdRex cruise to Juan de Fuca (TN080) are now available (submitted by Meg Tivey and Wenlu Zhu).

Select images from AT11-10 (Chief Scientist: Marv Lilley) were added to MediaBank.

Basic cruise metadata for Manus Basin cruise MGLN06MV (Chief Scientist: Maurice Tivey), and Mid-Atlantic Ridge cruise AT05-03 (Chief Scientist: Cindy Van Dover) is now available.

Links to GenBank, JCM, and DSMZ were added for genetic sequences and pure microbial cultures associated with cruises AT11-10 and AT05-03 (Contributed by Costa Vetriani).

July 2009

New metadata forms for Marine Field Programs now available in a comprehensive Excel workbook. Download here.

Basic cruise metadata for Endeavour cruise AT15-36 (Chief Scientist: Jim Holden) are now available.

June 2009

Temperature time-series data from Vemco low temperature loggers deployed and recovered at EPR during AT15-06,AT15-13, and AT15-15 were submitted by Breea Govenar.

Videos of time-lapse seafloor images at EPR from AT15-15 were submitted by Tim Shank and are on proprietary hold.

Basic cruise metadata for Endeavour cruise AT15-34 (Chief Scientist: Ray Lee) are now available.

Construction of an online educational toolkit that utilizes GeoMapApp to access Ridge 2000 Data from the East Pacific Rise was begun during a workshop entitled Using data in the classroom held at Colorado College (participants: Vicki Ferrini, Karin Block, Breea Govenar, Shona Vitelli and David Reeder). The toolkit should be published and publicly available by the end of the year.

April 2009

Shore-based data analysis plans were submitted by several PIs and are associated with related field programs: Pete Girguis (Award OCE06-23383), Tim Shank (Award OCE03-27353), Deb Kelley (Awards OCE04-26109, OCE02-21900), Ken Rubin (Award OCE07-32761, OCE06-36439), Jim Cowen (Award OCE02-22069), Maya Tolstoy and Felix Waldhauser (Award OCE03-27283), Stacy Kim (Award OCE02-41250), Adam Soule (Award OCE07-32366), Costa Vetriani and Rich Lutz (Award OCE03-27353), Julie Bryce (Karen Von Damm's Award OCE03-27126).

Final fluid chemistry data from Lau Basin cruise TUIM05MV was submitted by Jeff Seewald. These data are on proprietary hold.

Species lists from several Alvin programs at EPR (AT15-06, AT15-13, AT15-15) were submitted by Tim Shank and are now available as downloadable spreadsheets.

Ship-based CTD data files from Lau Cruise TUIM05MV were submitted by Meg Tivey and are now available.

TowCam webgalleries from the East Pacific Rise 9N cruise (AT15-27, Chief Scientist: Karen Von Damm) are now available.

Fluid Chemistry and Temperature data from George Luther's INSECT measurments at Lau and EPR are now available (EPR: AT11-10, AT11-26, AT15-06, AT15-15, AT15-32; Lau:MGLN07MV).

Fluid Chemistry data from EPR Rapid Response Cruise (TCS06NH) was submitted by Jim Cowen and are available .

TowCam webgalleries from the East Pacific Rise Overlapping Spreading Center cruise (AT15-17, Chief Scientist: Emily Klein) are now available.

March 2009

Final photomosaics from Lau (TUIM07MV, MGLN07MV) were submitted by Stacy Kim. These files are on proprietary hold.

Fluid Chemistry data from Lau was submitted by George Luther and are available for cruise MGLN07MV.

Final geochemistry data derived from sulfide samples from TUIM05MV were submitted by Meg Tivey and are now available.

Sediment Flux data from EPR were submitted by Chris German. These data are on proprietary hold until finalized.

Helium data derived from rock and from water column samples from KM0417 submitted by David Graham are now available.

EM300 and DSL-120A data were submitted by Scott White, and are now available for Galapagos Cruise TN188.

Preliminary (relative) Po age data related to the 2005-06 EPR eruption(s) were submitted by Ken Rubin and are available at EPR:9N_Rubin.

February 2009

High Resolution (2m) DSL-120 Bathymetry and Sidescan grids from TAG cruise KN145-19 (contributed by Sheri White) are now available, and can also be accessed through GeoMapApp

Earthquake catalog from TAG was contributed by Rob Sohn (AT07-36) and is now available.

January 2009

Fluid Chemistry data from EPR was submitted by George Luther (AT11-10, AT11-26, AT15-06, AT15-15), and are now available.



December 2008

Compilation EPR Geochemistry data were submitted by Mike Perfit EPR:9N_Perfit

As part of a major Pacific Ocean update of the bathymetry tiles (GMRT), multibeam data was added from VANC01MV (Emily Klein, Study of Incipient Rift at 2N 40').

September 2008

Photomosaic metadata for Lau were contributed by Erin Becker and Stacy Kim. Photomosaics from cruise MGLN07MV (Chief Sci: Chuck Fisher) were released and are now available.

Stations were added for Lau cruise TUIM05MV (Chief Sci: Meg Tivey).

ABE photos from Lau cruise KM0417 (Chief Sci: Charlie Langmuir) were contributed by Tim Shank.

Metadata from Cruise TN129 (Chief Sci: William Wilcock) are now available.

EM300 multibeam data from the Endeavour Segment were contributed by Deb Kelley.

Bathymetry data from the OSC at 9°N were contributed by Violaine Combier from cruise EW9707 (Chief Sci: Graham Kent) and are also available in GeoMapApp.

Revised photomosaics and corresponding ArcGIS shapefiles from Lucky Strike cruise KN145-19 (Chief Sci: Dan Fornari) were contributed by Javier Escartin.

July 2008

New Ridge 2000 Data Portal launched.

June 2008

Bouguer Anomaly grids and images for the Mid-Atlantic Ridge were contributed by Donna Blackman (MAR:30N_Blackman).

Metadata for deployed instruments for the Lucky Strike area on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge were contributed by Javier Escartin (MAR:LuckyStrike_MoMAR).

May 2008

The Ridge2000 Web Gallery in the Marine Geoscience Data System MediaBank was launched.

April 2008

For the VNTR03WT cruise (Nov 1989, Chief Scientist Haymon) to the EPR:9N area, dredge stations and rock samples information now available. Deeply-towed Argo camera images and CTD data can also be downloaded.

Dredge and rock sample information for the Central Indian Ridge cruise KNOX11RR (Nov 2007, Chief Scientists Fueri and Hilton) has been added. Over the Macquarie Ridge, cruise information for Rig Seismic leg RS9401 (1994, Chief Scientist Coffin) as well as HMR-1 phase bathymetry grids and sidescan images and processed HMR-1 swath data files are now available.

March 2008

Bathymetry and gravity grids and images for the Mid-Atlantic Ridge were contributed by Donna Blackman (MAR:30N_Blackman).

February 2008

For the Lau site, fluid chemistry data derived from ship-based CTD casts and IGT and Major fluid samples collected with Jason during TUIM05MV (Chief Scientist: Meg Tivey) were contributed by Mike Mottl.

For the EPR, ISEA probe fluid chemistry data from AT11-10, AT11-26, and AT15-06 were contributed by George Luther.

For the Lau site, final processed ABE SM2000 bathymetry maps, grids and data points from KM0417 (Chief Scientist: Charlie Langmuir) were contributed by Dana Yoerger and are now available.

For the JdF site, raw and processed CTD data from AT11-14 (Chief Scientist: Russ McDuff), AT11-31 (Chief Scientist: Marv Lilley), AT15-09 (Chief Scientist: Deb Kelley) were contributed by Jonathan Kellogg.

For the EPR site, basic cruise data for AT15-27 (Chief Scientist: Karen Von Damm) is now available.

Preliminary 1-m SM2000 bathymetric grids from EPR benchmark surveys generated from the EPR ISS Infrastructure Dive (J2-268; AT15-17) are now available.

GeoMapApp version 1.6.4 was released. Pan function added; ability to import and save grids in GMT v3 and v4 NetCDF formats. Profiles can be taken across all imported and high-resolution grids. Interface for Multi-Channel Seismics and for downloading swath ping files improved.

MAPR data added for Arctic mid-ocean ridge cruise HLY-01-02 (Aug/Sep 2001, Chief Scientists Michael, Dick, Langmuir).

January 2008

Navigation files for ROV Tiburon dives conducted at JdF Axial Ridge Volcano during WF2983 (Sep 2004, Chief Scientists Gill and Stakes) are now available.

For the JdF site, raw and processed EM300 multibeam data is now available from TN177B (Mar 2005, Chief Scientists Cowen and Baker). Raw and processed CTD and MAPR data are also available.

For the EPR site, basic cruise data for AT15-26 (Chief Scientist: Lauren Mullineaux) including Atlantis navigation, raw and processed ADCP, and swath bathymetry files as well as processed Alvin navigation and sonar data are now available.

Final ultra-high resolution bathymetric data and grids for six vent fields at the Lau site were contributed by Vicki Ferrini (TUIM05MV, Chief Scientist: Meg Tivey).

Renav positions were added for instruments deployed at the Lau site during MGLN07MV (Chief Scientist: Chuck Fisher).



December 2007

For the JdF site, ABE vehicle data (eH,Temperature, Optical Backscatter, Magnetics, and Navigation) are now available from AT11-14 (Chief Scientist: Russ McDuff).

November 2007

Photo mosaics from AT11-10 at the EPR were submitted by Tim Shank.

Revised photo mosaics from Lucky Strike (KN145-19) were submitted by Javier Escartin. Basic cruise metadata and bathymetric grids have also been added for this cruise.

CTD and MAPR data made available by Baker/Resing for Lau Basin cruise KM0410 (Chief Scientist: Fernando Martinez).

October 2007

For Lau Basin cruise MGLN07MV (Chief Scientist: ChuckFisher), Jason II photo mosaics were added.

For the JdF site, additional information from McDuff's Portal for Endeavour Data (PED) now available: EM300 swath data, CTD sattions and data for TN144 (April 2002, Chief Scientist: Russ McDuff) and TN146 (May 2002, Chief Scientist: Deb Kelley). Basic cruise entry for AT07-20 (August 2002, Chief Scientist: Paul Johnson). Cruise report documents added for TN117 and TN129 (Chief Scientist: Paul Johnson).

August 2007

Compilation Google Earth files for Lau and EPR ISSs have been generated and posted R2K_GoogleEarth. Files include bathymetry and sidescan coverage with overlain vehicle navigation tracks and links to near bottom imagery.

Contributed by Milene Cormier, composite grids and images of bathymetry, gravity, crustal age, and magnetisation added for areas along the EPR at the 17S MELT area and between 18-22S and 15-21N.

Basic cruise information and bathymetry data for the 1999 EPR STOWA expedition between 17-19S (AT03-31, Chief Scientist John Sinton) also made available.

Basic cruise information for KN189-04 (June-July 2007, Chief Scientist Dick Hey) to the Reykjanes Ridge is now available.

For the Gakkel Ridge AMORE cruise, HLY-01-02, on USCG Healy (2001, Chief Scientist Peter Michael), now available are bathymetry grids and images and information on CTD, dredge, and rock core stations.

July 2007

At the Lau site, EM120 sidescan grid from cruise KM0410 (April-May 2004, Chief Scientist: Fernando Martinez) is now available.

For the EPR study site, information on AT15-13 (November-December 2006, Chief Scientist: Karen VonDamm) rock, bio and fluid samples, transponder operations, TowCam lines information, and details of deployments of temperature and resisitvity probes, colonization substrates and markers is all now available.

In the JdF site for cruise TN177B (March 2005, Chief Scientists - Cowen/Baker), TowCam MAPR data, and towed and lowered raw/processed CTD data and documentation added.

June 2007

General cruise, sampling, Jason2 launch information, and data from cruise AT15-17 in April-May 2007 (Chief Scientist - Emily Klein) now available. Cruise operations primarily focussed on the 9°03'N Overlapping Spreading Center but also included sonar surveys of the EPR ISS bull's eye region.

Ridge 2000 MediaBank meeting at LDEO with Eric Simms.

May 2007

International Data Exchange Workshop was held in Kiel, Germany, and was attended by over 70 participants from around the world. The workshop focused on developing new international partnerships and strategies for improved data sharing for mid-ocean ridge and continental margin studies, and was co-sponsored by Ridge2000, MARGINS, InterMargins, and InterRidge.

April 2007

For the EPR site: Dredge information added for Forsyth KN182-13 cruise. Full cruise metadata entered for AT15-15 (Lutz/Shank) on bottom instruments, OBS recoveries, rock, fluid, biology dive samples, CTD casts and digital data. For the AT15-15 TowCam lines, links now available for raw and processed images, WebGallery images, CTD and magnetometer data.

March 2007

For the EPR site: Database entry created for AT15-16 Compliance cruise (Cormier/Webb) with information on dredge, CTD and bottom instrument stations, and on TowYo fluid samples.

February 2007

Lau Basin Site: Cruise report, Jason-II rock, fluid, and biology dive sample information for Chuck Fisher cruise MGLN07MV. Raw multibeam files for Fernando Martinez KM0410 cruise ingested.

For the EPR site: Towcam photography, magnetics, CTD and navigation data from Dan Fornari and Adam Soule acquired during Karen Von Damm’s Nov-Dec 2006 cruise AT15-13 now available. Lowered CTD fluid samples, Alvin CTD data, and fluid, rock, biology Alvin dive samples added for Andreas Thurnherr LADDER-1 cruise AT15-12. For Jim Ledwell's follow-on LADDER-2 cruise (AT15-14), CTD station information, biology, rock, fluid Alvin dive samples, and bottom instruments operations added.

January 2007

For the Endeavour site: Rock sample locations from Jim Gill and Deb Glickson from their 2004 NURP funded program WF2983. Basic cruise information, as well as sample and bottom instrument information for summer cruise AT15-09 (Deb Kelley).

For the Lau Basin site: DSL-120A and IMI-30 bathmetry and side-scan sonar grids and images from cruise KM0410 (Fernando Martinez) now available.

For the EPR site: Tide gauge data retreived on Shank/Lutz/Luther cruise AT15-15 available.Tide gauge was deployed in April 2006 during Knorr cruise KN182-13. Final processed Alvin navigation and Imagenex bathymetry data available for all post-eruption Alvin programs to the site in 2006 (AT15-06: Von Damm, AT15-12: Thurnherr, AT15-13: Von Damm, AT15-14: Ledwell). Basic cruise information, instrument and mooring deployments, sample info and cruise report for September cruise AT15-12 (LADDER-1, Thurnherr) now in database. Andreas Thurnherr has also made available processed CTD, LADCP, and BM_ADCP data files from this cruise.

New data from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge: Rob Reves-Sohn has submitted Jason 2 SM2000 ultra-high resolution bathymetry grids for the TAG region collected on cruise KN180-01. Also from the TAG region, DSL 120 sidescan sonar and bathymetry data collected in 1994 during KN142-05 (Kleinrock) submitted by Del Bohnenstiehl.



November 2006

For EPR site, final pre-eruption composite ultra-high resolution bathymetry grids from Vicki Ferrini now available (EPR_9N_Ferrini). Bathymetry were acquired with the Imagenex scanning sonar on Alvin during dives in 2004.

Photomosaics from Lucky Strike region of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge were submitted by J. Escartin and now in database with password protection (cruise KN145-19).

Multibeam bathymetry data from Mid-Atlantic Ridge cruise KN176-04 to TAG area submitted by P. Canales now available.

October 2006

For EPR 9N site, high temperature HOBO probe data and references received from D. Fornari were combined into entry EPR:9N_HiTemp. Also, expanded options provided for viewing tables and images of deployed instruments. Tim Shank's biological samples incorporated for EPR cruise AT15-06.

A basic cruise entry for TN199 (Butterfield) was created from Sailing Orders received directly from University of Washington Marine Operations office.

For the JdF site, information from McDuff's Portal for Endeavour Data (PED) transferred to Ridge 2000 database. Now available are the following. Basic cruise entries for AT03-24 and AT03-38 (Fisher), AT03-53 and AT03-56 (Delaney/Tivey), TN114 (Jackson/Rona), TN115 (McDuff), TN117 and TN129 (Johnson). Included are science personnel, Alvin/ABE/Jason II dive information, references, cruise reports, biological samples information, thermal blanket stations, CTD stations and data. Also derived from PED, cruise reports added to basic entries for cruises W9506A and W9508A (Wilcock/Purdy), TN063 (Delaney), A131-16 (Embley/Trefy).

September 2006

Raw and edited multibeam bathymetry data for Atlantis cruises AT03-53 and AT03-56 (Delaney/Kelley) to the JdF Endeavour segment in 2000 now available.

Simrad EM300 multibeam swath data for EPR 9N site collected during November 2005 cruise TN188 added (contributed by White, Haymon et al).

For Lau Basin cruise TUIM05MV(Tivey), ship track navigation and gravity/magnetics data files now downloadable.

Gravity/magnetics data files available for EPR leg DANA06RR (Constable/Key).

Basic cruise entry created for JdF NURP 2004 cruise MBARI-2983 (Gill/Stakes).

August 2006

Earthquake catalog for 2003-2005 from Tolstoy OBS study at EPR site added to database (EPR:9N_Tolstoy) with password access.

July 2006

Cruise information and data for June 2006 Atlantis/Alvin response cruise (AT15-06, Karen VonDamm) now available. Cruise was launched as a rapid response program to further investigate the new eruption at the 9°50 site and obtain rock, biology, and fluid samples. Available data include TowCam photographic transects, CTD data, magnetics and sampling information.

EM300 multibeam bathymetry grids for the EPR 9N site collected during cruise TN188 (November 2005) now available. Data contributed by White, Haymon et al.

Juan de Fuca area gravity grids contributed by Emily Hooft made available.

June 2006

Cruise information and TowCam photographic data for May 2006 New Horizon cruise to the EPR site (TCS06NH, Jim Cowen) now available. Cruise was launched as a Time Critical Studies program to investigate the new eruption at the 9°50 site identified during the OBS recovery program in May.

Bathymetric grid and image for the Lau Basin contributed by Fernando Martinez and Brian Taylor now available through Data Link. Compilation includes data from 2004-2005 Lau Basin R2K cruises, as well as foreign and previous US expeditions.

MAPR data added (proprietary hold), and Tolstoy/Waldhauser OBS operations updated for cruise KN182-13 (Forsyth) to EPR 9N region.

May 2006

Basic information for KN182-13 (Don Forsyth) cruise in April 2006 to the EPR site along with OBS recovery information (Tolstoy/Waldhauser) now available. Basic information for cruise TN188 (White, Haymon) added and EM300 bathymetric grid downloadable.

Various legacy gridded datasets added to the database including magnetization (Carbotte), gravity, and crustal thickness (Canales) for the EPR 9N site.

For the JdF ISS, CTD data from Cowen's TN177B cruise added.

April 2006

For EPR 9N area, ISEA/Insect fluid samples information for AT11-26 (Luther) added. Hi-resolution (0.5m) composite bathymetric grids and images from Alvin EPR 9N Imagenex surveys now available (contributed by V. Ferrini). Updated list of 9N vent locations now available (Ferrini).

Mosaic information for Lau cruise TUIM07MV (Fisher) added and Lau vents image created.

March 2006

Information on biological, fluid, and rock samples collected on EPR cruise AT11-26 (Vetriani) is now available.

Processed seismic data for Lau Basin cruise EW9914 now available via link to UTIG Data Center.

February 2006

Cruise information for Endeavour cruise TN183 (Delaney) in October 2005 now available. This was a Jason2 program during which fluid samples were collected, Butterfield′s RAS fluid samplers were recovered, and drill cores were taken from chimney structures.

TowCam photography transects for EPR cruise AT11-07 (Schouten), Lau cruise KM0417 (Langmuir) and Endeavour cruise TN177B (Cowen) are now available.

January 2006

Multibeam bathymetry data and ship track navigation is available for Lau Basin cruise KM0417 (Langmuir). Dredge and rock core sample information now available as well as ABE dive navigation for this cruise.

MAPR data files for Lau Basin cruise, KM0410 (Martinez) added on proprietary hold.

More information added for Lau cruise TUIM05MV (Tivey) including Jason2 biological, rock and fluid dive samples, CTD stations and TowYos and links to Jason2 Virtual Van at WHOI.



December 2005

Basic cruise information for Lau Basin cruise TUIM05MV (Tivey) added including MOCNESS biological sample tows.

November 2005

Cruise information, including CTD locations and ABE dives, for Endeavour Sea Breeze cruise AT11-14 (Russ McDuff) incorporated into database.

Alvin navigation for Atlantis cruise AT11-26 (Vetriani) to EPR ISS now available.

October 2005

Hydrothermal vent locations for Lau Basin ISS provided by Meg Tivey now available.

Cruise information for Lau Basin cruise TUIM07MV (Chuck Fisher, June 2005) available. Information is included on deployed markers and thermister arrays, fluid and biology samples, and Jason 2 survey tracks.

Cruise information for Endeavour TCS cruise TN177B available.

August 2005

Metadata and station location information have been put into the database for the Ridge2000 funded cruise KM0417 (Langmuir, Lau basin).

Information on OBS deployments (Tolstoy/Waldhauser) now available from cruise AT11-26 (Vetriani, East Pacific Rise). Basic cruise information available for TN177B (Cowen, Time-Series Responses to a Mid-Ocean Ridge Volcanic Event, Endeavour ridge).

June 2005

Permanent transponders at EPR site no longer deployed. Two on western flank lost between December 2004 and May 2005. Two on eastern flank were recovered.

Deployed Instrument Tables: For each ISS, for each year, an information table has been created. Access these tables in GeoMapApp from Database -> Import Data -> Load -> File -> Available Databases.

April 2005

New forms for reporting cruise information are now available for downloading. Forms should be completed and submitted to the R2K database for any program within the R2K Integrated Studies Sites. These forms are designed to capture who, what, when, where for a cruise as well as inventories of all data collected, line logs, deployed instrument information, station and sample logs.

Seismometers deployed as part of the Keck funded experiment, and fluxmeters deployed as part of the McDuff-Thompson Seabreeze program, at the Endeavour site are now available through the Currently Deployed Instruments link. Locations for dead transponders still on the seafloor at the Endeavour site also available (provided by Deb Glickson/Deb Kelley).

March 2005

Individual Alvin dives now linked to the WHOI Framegrabber providing access to video stills for a dive.

Vent locations for the Endeavour site including individual chimney locations are now available. Locations were provided by Deb Kelley and Deb Glickson at UW.

February 2005

Imagenex bathymetry collected with Alvin during programs in 2004 at the Endeavour (AT11-13) and EPR (AT11-07, AT11-10, AT11-20) sites now available. Bathymetry data for individual dives are merged with final best navigation and are gridded in both lat-long and x-y coordinates. Final best navigation for each dive also available.

Updated and corrected vent locations for the EPR ISS provided by Tim Shank.

January 2005

Cruise information and data inventories for Lilley/Edwards cruise (AT11-20) now available including positions of biological, fluid and rock samples taken, instruments deployed, and bacteria collection plates sampled.



September 2004

Cruise information and data inventories for cruises of Schouten (AT11-07), Constable (DANA06RR), Lutz/Shank (AT11-10), Martinez (KM0410) now online and accessible through Data Link.

Alvin dive navigation now available through Data Link for cruises AT11-07 and AT11-10.

July 2004

Cruise metadata for Von Damm cruise AT11-09 now in Data Link. Temperature data from deployed probes which were serviced on this cruise are now available.

Inventory of deployed instruments at EPR ISS now online as well as vent locations and markers.

Links to PetDB now established for common cruises.

Reorganization of the web pages for the Ridge2000 and Margins Data Portals, the Ridge Multibeam Bathymetry Synthesis, Antarctic Multibeam Bathymetry Synthesis, and Seismic Field Data Center into a central site for all projects of the Marine Geoscience Data System (

May-June 2004

Cruise information submitted by Von Damm and Lutz/Shank for their spring 2004 cruises (AT11-09, AT11-10) to the EPR 9N ISS, and Martinez for Lau Basin ISS cruise (KM0410).

April 2004

High resolution ABE bathymetry data from the EPR contributed by D. Fornari and colleagues and now available. Bathymetry can be viewed in GeoMapApp by selecting High_Res_Grids under the Places menu.

Data and cruise information for first Ridge2000 expedition (February 2004, DANA06RR) submitted by S. Constable.

Cruise information submitted for expedition of Schouten and colleagues to EPR 9N ISS in January 2004 (AT11-07).

March 2004

Release of beta version of metadata forms for capturing basic cruise information and data inventories. Forms distributed to PIs of upcoming Ridge2000 expeditions.

Multibeam bathymetry data available for all three ISS including gridded bathymetry for the Lau Basin from Zelmer, Goodliffe and colleagues.

January 2004

All bathymetry data from original Ridge Multibeam Bathymetry Synthesis site now fully integrated with Marine Geoscience Data System.



December 2003

Beta web site for the Ridge2000 Data Portal now online.

September 2003

Project work begins with development of database schema and building of metadata forms.