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This page provides access to cruise information and data collected through the Ridge 2000 program. Find data using our search tools or by using the List Data by Site links. Data can also be accessed through GeoMapApp. The map client can be used to view the locations of stations, samples and vents, and links are provided to additional information in the database for each. In addition to Ridge 2000 data, this page provides access to data relevant to the integrated studies of spreading centers

The Ridge 2000 program is an interdisciplinary research program sponsored by the National Science Foundation that is focused on integrated studies of all aspects of the Earth's oceanic spreading centers - from mantle to microbe. Recognizing that the complex linkages between life and planetary processes at mid-ocean ridges can only be understood through tightly integrated studies that span a broad range of disciplines, the program has promoted coordinated research activities at a few carefully chosen study sites.