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This page provides news announcements and data updates related to the MARGINS Data Portal. Please visit the MGDS News page for general MGDS news announcements and updates.


April 2017

Gulf of California geochemistry data for lavas from the Alarcon Rise, Alarcon Seamounts, and Tamayo and Pescadero transforms added (Investigators David Clague and Brian Dreyer).



January 2016

Magnetics data from Gulf of California Ewing cruise EW0210 (Chief Sci: Lizarralde) is now available.



July 2015

Gulf of California multi-channel seismic reflection data (EW0210, Chief Sci: Lizarralde), wide-angle sonobuoy data for Costa Rica Rift cruise EW9416 (Chief Sci: Detrick), seismic shot navigation data (EW9502, Chief Sci: McIntosh; Central America trench); and, single-channel seismic reflection data for the Macquarie Ridge (EW9513, Chief Sci: Cande) and Puerto Rico trench (EW9605, Chief Sci: Appelgate) was added.

April 2015

Wide-angle sonobuoy data collected in the Woodlark Basin during cruise EW9203 (Chief Sci: Mutter) is available.



July 2014

For the Middle America trench area, multi-channel seismics data from Ewing cruise EW0005 (Chief Sci: McIntosh) was added.

May 2014

High-resolution bathymetry and backscatter grids of potential fluid seepage sites on the Central America margin are available from the MGL1106 survey (Chief Sci: Bangs).

April 2014

Multichannel seismic field data files for the EW0001 Canterbury Basin survey offshore New Zealand (Craig Fulthorpe, James Austin) are now available. For the Gulf of California Guaymas Basin, towed IMI30 bathymetry and sidescan data from the 2009 cruise AT15-54 (chief scientist Dan Lizarralde) was added.

February 2014

High-resolution grids for the Costa Rica CRISP 3-D seismic survey area are now available for download and in GeoMapApp (under the Focus Sites menu for Central America). The 10m bathymetry and 5m backscatter grids were derived using novel range-angle techniques from Kongsberg EM122 multibeam data that was collected during the 2011 3-D MCS cruise MGL1106 (investigators Nathan Bangs, Jared Kluesner, Eli Silver, Cesar Ranero and Kirk McIntosh).



May 2012

Information on the two-ship IBM geophysics field program under PIs Wiens, Lizarralde and Miller is now available: OBS and tethered hydrophones were deployed on cruise TN274 (chief scientist Wiens), with airguns shooting from cruise MGL1204 (chief scientists Miller, Lizarralde). Some OBSs were then recovered on cruise MGL1205 (chief scientist Miller).

March 2012

For the IBM focus site, basic field information is available for the deep-tow and rock sampling cruise TN273 (PIs Martinez, Kelley, Stern).

January 2012

New electronic metadata forms are now available for cataloging land and marine field programs. They capture basic information about the field program, including instruments used and types of data collected. Information on registering and cataloging samples is also contained in the forms.

Short step-by-step GeoMapApp video tutorials can now be viewed on YouTube.



June 2011

Basic information now available for the Costa Rica 3-D Seismic Imaging Project (CRISP 3-D) April-May survey aboard R/V Langseth (cruise MGL1106, PIs Nathan Bangs, Kirk McIntosh, Cesar Ranero and Eli Silver). Also for the Central America focus site, information on coastal marsh and sediment samples added for the Jeff Marshall and Jim Spotila's palaeoseismicity project.Basic samples information was also added to the database for Axel Schmitt's down-hole geothermal well samples collected as part of his Gulf of California Cerro Prieto work.

In recognition of World Oceans Day on June 8, the Global Multi-Resolution Topography Synthesis was published in Google Earth. Along with this publication, two Google Tours were released highlighting Seafloor Features and Ridge 2000 Science. The GMRT Synthesis would not be possible without the contributions of hundreds of scientists whose data has been made publicly available. The full GMRT attribution layer which provides links to source data can also be downloaded as a kmz file from the Google Earth Gallery.

April 2011

A new MARGINS Custom Search Interface was launched. This new interface includes auto-complete text box input, and improved search by location options. In addition, as search terms are added, the interface guides users toward search term choices that will return data.

A new Reference Submission Web Form was launched to enable contributions of citation information to the MARGINS references database.

March 2011

In the Central America Focus Site, now available is CTD data collected on the two Langseth cruises, MGL0804 and MGL0807, as part of the TICO-CAVA 2008 seismic profiling experiments of Holbrook et al.

A new Data Holdings Web Page was launched on the GeoMapApp site to describe data that is accessible in GeoMapApp. See Focus Sites to learn about MARGINS data sets currently accessible in GeoMapApp.

February 2011

For the IBM focus site, high-resolution EM122 and EM1002 bathymetric grids were added for the 2010 Chadwick-Dziak Kilo Moana cruise to NW Rota-1.

January 2011

A new, searchable MARGINS references database was released on the MARGINS Portal. It contains over 370 MARGINS-funded and MARGINS-related references with links to associated field programs and data sets. Functionality includes an option to export references to EndNote.

New GeoMapApp map-based access is now available for selected data sets hosted by the MARGINS Data Portal. In GeoMapApp, look under Focus Sites -> NSF MARGINS Program -> Additional MARGINS Data Sets.



December 2010

Basic field program and well log information added for Axel Schmitt's 2010 magmatism studies in the on-land extension of the Gulf of California.

In the IBM Focus Site region, now available is basic cruise information for the second Marianas region Law of the Sea cruise this year, SU10-2 (PI Jim Gardner), in which multibeam bathymetry was used to survey the Mariana Trench. This field work complements earlier cruises SU10-1, BW06-1 and BW07-1.

September 2010

For the 2005 TICO-CAVA on-land seismic refraction experiment, information on seismometer station and shot point locations has been added (PIs Holbrook, Lizarralde, van Avendonk, Cheadle).

In the Cascadia region, basic cruise information added to database for Wacoma cruise W1007B - Jeff McGuire and John Collins' 2010 OBS deployment cruise.

In the IBM Focus Site region, now available is basic cruise information for the Law of the Sea cruise SU10-1 (PI Jim Gardner) in which multibeam bathymetry was used to survey the Mariana Trench.

August 2010

Basic information available for Jeff Marshall and Jim Spotila's Research Experience for Undergraduates project to map the extent in Quaternary sediments of palaeoseismicity on Costa Rica's Nicoya Peninsula.

USGS-derived grids giving the depth of the subducting slab interface are now available in GeoMapApp (under Basemaps, Regional Grids), including for MARGINS focus sites Central America, IBM, and Nankai.

July 2010

In the Cascadia region, basic cruise information added to database for Anne Trehu's 2007-2008 OBS deployment-recovery operations aboard Wacoma cruises W0709A, W0807A and W0808B.

New field project images sourced from a number of MARGINS PIs added to the MARGINS MediaBank gallery.

June 2010

Locations available for the land seismometers used as the onshore portion of the TICO-CAVA 2008 seismic survey during the at-sea shooting aboard cruise MGL0807 (PIs Holbrook, Lizarralde, Brueckmann, Cheadle, Kelemen, van Avendonk).

May 2010

In the New Zealand Waipaoa focus site, details added for sediment coring, tripod moorings and CTD data acquisition from the early 2010 Revelle cruise, RR1001 (PIs Walsh, Corbett). Sediment box core information and x-radiograph data files added for the February 2010 small-boat coring program of Tara Kniskern.

Images from the GeoPRISMS draft science plan added to the MARGINS MediaBank gallery.

April 2010

For Chuck Nittrouer's 2003 Western Venturer PNG cruise, WV0103, information on sediment core and water sampling is now available, as is sediment core log data and station locations for Melville cruisesVANC13MV, VANC14MV,VANC15MV, VANC16MV, VANC19MV, VANC20MV, VANC21MV, VANC27MV, VANC28MV, VANC29MV, and VANC30MV.

Details of the 2009 rock sampling field program for Joann Stock's MARGINS-related Gulf of California project added.

March 2010

In the PNG focus site, sub-bottom data can be downloaded for VANC19MV and VANC21MV (PIs Nittouer, Ogston, Goni), waith additional sub-bottom CHIRP files available for Neal Driscoll's VANC22MV leg.

All remaining multibeam data collected by Peter Lonsdale in the Gulf of California and Cental America focus sites is now available (cruises DANA01RR, DANA02RR, DANA07RR, DANA08RR). Also added in Central America area are the locations of land seismometers used during the airgun shooting operations on MGL0804.

For the Red Sea allied study site, GPS velocity data from Rob Reilinger can now be downloaded.

February 2010

In the PNG focus site, moored tripod data (including ADCP, backscatter, current measurement and pressure data) collected during the 2003-2004 trades, transition and monsoon seasons can now be downloaded (PIs Nittrouer, Ogston, Goni on cruises VANC13MV-VANC30MV). In that same focus site, sediment core photos and digital core logger data files can be downloaded for the early 2004 VANC22MV and VANC23MV Neal Driscoll cruises. Additionally, basic cruise information and sediment core photos can be viewed for OK Tedi Mining Company cruise WV1-94 (1994, chief scientist Bob Dalrymple) for which the sediment sample data was used by MARGINS PIs Overeem and Fagherazzi to numerically model the hydrodynamics of deltas.

As part of the Central America 2008 two-ship TICO-CAVA experiment (PIs Holbrook, van Avendonk, Cheadle, Kelemen, Lizarradle), CTD cast information now provided for cruise TC2NH (chief scientist Gregg).

January 2010

For the Kodiak Islands mapping and sampling work of PI Casey Moore, information on rock samples collected during the 2006 field season is now available.

In the Central America focus site, information now available for the Dull/Wulf sediment coring operations performed during the 2006 NicLakes seismic/coring survey field program on Lake Nicaragua and Lake Managua (PIs McIntosh, Mann).



December 2009

Information and shipboard data from IBM focus site NW Rota-1 cruise TN232 (April 2009, chief scientist Bill Chadwick) is now available.

For the Red Sea MARGINS Allied Site, information is now provided for Rob Reilinger's multi-year terrestrial GPS work.

For the Gulf of California region, information can be viewed on the collaborative 2006-2008 Salton Sea CHIRP surveys (PIs Kent, Driscoll, Harding)

November 2009

In the IBM focus site, rock sample collection information for the May 2003 Anatahan Rapid Response fieldwork now available and tied to published references.

For the Gulf of California region, information can be viewed on Paul Umhoefer's land-based geological mapping and sample collection fieldwork.


October 2009

For Gulf of California cruise BI-01 (Sept 2008; Chief scientists Martinez-Gutierrez and Umhoefer), CHIRP and sidescan data files are now available. Also, details of Joann Stock's 2008 terrestrial rock sampling program can be viewed. CTD operations during the two-ship TICO-CAVA field program are available for New Horizon cruise TC2NH (2008, Trish Gregg, Chief Scientist).

In the Red Sea allied site, rock sample information is now available for Danny Stockli's 2004-2007 geo- and thermo-chronology rock sampling program.

Toby Fischer, Dave Hilton and Erik Hauri's 2004-2005 IBM volatiles rock sample localities are available, as is information on locationsof Adam Kent's 2003 melt inclusions field sampling program. Also in the IBM focus site, station information for Doug Wiens' 2003-2004 and 2006-2008 land-based seismometer networks available.


September 2009

Field program information can now be viewed for the Nankai Kumano Basin 3-D multi-channel seismics cruise (Nordic Explorer, Apr-May, 2006, PIs Moore/Bangs/Tobin/Taira/Saffer).

In the Central America focus site, information on Toby Fischer's volcanic gas sampling program and resultant publications is now available. Navigation and track map for TICO-CAVA OBS ops leg (Mar-Apr, 2008, Chief Scientist Trish Gregg) added.

MARGINS database resources demonstrated at Volatiles TEI (Mt. Hood, Oregon).


August 2009

For MARGINS-Ridge 2000 Rapid Response cruise (TN234, chief scientists Joe Resing and Bob Embley, May 2009) underway data files added for multibeam swath bathymetry, XBT drops, and CTD casts. Raw and processed data files for ADCP also available.

Basic field program information for Dietrich/Parker 2003 shallow coring work on the PNG Strickland River floodplain now available and tied to publications.

July 2009

GeoMapApp/MARGINS mini-lessons webinar held on-line with participants nationwide. Webinar is archived at SERC-Carleton.

New metadata forms for Marine Field Programs now available in a comprehensive Excel workbook. Download here.

For PNG cruise WV0103 (Nittrouer-Goni-Ogston, January 2003), ADCP and BLISP data available.

May 2009

In the Central America focus site, field program information available for the land seismometer operations of the Holbrook-van Avendonk-Lizarralde-Cheadle TICO-CAVA program, along with information for the second-leg OBS operations cruise on New Horizon (March 2008, chief scientist Gregg). Expendable probe data (XBT, XCTD) added for TICO-CAVA cruise MGL0807.

For PNG focus site cruises VANC22MV and VANC23MV (early 2004, chief scientist Driscoll), hull-mounted and towed CHIRP data is now available.

Expedition information available for MARGINS-Ridge 2000 rapid response cruise to Northern Lau/Tonga (May 2009, chief scientists Resing and Embley).

Updated links to IRIS for earthquake and OBS data sets for these MARGINS field programs: IBM - Doug Wiens' 2003-2004 land seismometers; Gulf of California - Gaherty/Collins 2005-2006 SCOOBA OBS data; Central America - TICO-CAVA OBSs (Holbrook, 2008), TUCAN land seismometers (Abers, Fischer), CRSEIZE and Nicoya/Osa data sets (Schwartz, Dorman, Dixon).

Swath bathymetry grids collected on 24 cruises of JAMSTEC vessel Kairei during 2003 and 2002 - including a number of legs in the IBM and Nankai areas - are now available in GeoMapApp.

April 2009

Cruise information and benthic tripod water column data added for PNG cruise WV0103 (Nittrouer-Goni-Ogston, January 2003).

March 2009

Geochemistry data analysis spreadsheet for Adam Kent's 2003 IBM sampling program available.

February 2009

Field information available for Doug Wiens' 2003 terrestrial seismometer field program in the IBM area. Images of IBM volcanoes were added to the MediaBank gallery.

Information on Central America field programs between 1999-2008 for Susan Schwartz and Tim Dixon's seismic and geodetic work is now updated and consolidated into the CRSEIZE and Nicoya projects.

The Global Multi-Resolution Topography (GMRT) synthesis was updated with multibeam data from two additional MARGINS cruises:

VANC16MV (Nittrouer, Papua New Guinea - Cairns, Biogeochemical cycling, instrument recoveries)
VANC30MV (Nittrouer, Papua New Guinea - Cairns, Fly River/Gulf of Papua Shelf)

January 2009

For the Central America focus site, information now available for Kirk McIntosh's NicLakes seismic survey and sediment coring 2006 field program on Lake Nicaragua and Lake Managua. The navigation file can be downloaded.

Information has been added for Joann Stock's MARGINS-related 2008 field sampling program to the Gulf of California area.

Details of Danny Stockli's 2004-2007 field program to collect thermochronology rock samples in the Red Sea ancillary site area can now be accessed through the database.

In the IBM focus site, Toby Fischer contributed information on the Fischer-Hilton-Hauri 2004 and 2005 rock sampling program on the Marianas and Izu islands. Publications information also added.

New-look MGDS web pages released, with improved, more flexible data search and access options.



December 2008

MARGINS-related images added to the MediaBank gallery. Images from the MARGINS Decadal Review research Nuggets are included.

The Global Multi-Resolution Topography (GMRT) synthesis was updated with multibeam data from VANC29MV (Nittrouer, Fly River/Gulf of Papua Shelf).

November 2008

Basic cruise information available for Gulf of California CHIRP/sidescan cruise BI-01 (Sept 2008; Chief scientists Martinez-Gutierrez and Umhoefer).

For the Central America focus site, Andy Newman provided the latest Nicoya microseismicity catalogue.

In the Aleutians allied site, rock sampling information for Casey Moore's Alaska Kodiak Islands field programs is now available.

Global Multi-Resolution Topography (GMRT) synthesis updates continued with the ingestion of VANC19MV (Ogston, Fly River/Gulf of Papua Shelf ), VANC20MV (Nittrouer, Fly River/Gulf of Papua Shelf), VANC21MV (Nittrouer, Fly River/Gulf of Papua Shelf), VANC22MV and VANC23MV (Driscoll, clinoform formation, Gulf of Papua), VANC27MV (Ogston, Fly River/Gulf of Papua Shelf), and VANC28MV (Nittrouer, Fly River/Gulf of Papua Shelf).  The JAMSTEC Kairei 2004 data, previously available through GeoMapApp as Contributed Grids, has also been ingested into the tileset.

October 2008

As part of a major ingestion of Scripps multibeam data, VANC02MV has been added to the Global Multi-Resolution Topography (GMRT) synthesis.

September 2008

Through links to JAMSTEC, swath bathymetry grids constructed for eight JAMSTEC Kairei cruises from year 2004 now available in GeoMapApp (legs KR04-01, KR04-04, KR04-05, KR04-07, KR04-08, KR04-09, KR04-11, KR04-14_leg1).

MARGINS database resources demonstrated at SEIZE initiative workshop (Mt. Hood, Oregon).

August 2008

New web pages released for the MARGINS data portal, incuding improved functionality, an interactive map server and wider search options.

New multimedia tutorials for GeoMapApp now on-line: WFS stations and samples; Alvin/Jason dive photos; new contributed grids functionality; Single-Channel Seismics profile interface; and, earthquake animation interfaces; and improved Help pages available. New MARGINS-focussed GeoMapApp exercises also avilable on-line.

July 2008

CTD data served in a clear ASCII format for KM0503 (Waipaoa Focus Site, Chief Scientists Alexander/Walsh).

June 2008

CHIRP and Knudsen 4kHz sub-bottom data files and gravity data available for Waipaoa cruise KM0503 (Feb 2005, Chief Scientists Alexander/Walsh).

May 2008

In the Central America area, expedition information available for Holbrook MSC cruises MGL0804 (February 2008) and MGL0807 (March 2008), with details on EM120 swath bathymetry, XCP, XCTD data and OBS operations.

New Zealand Waipaoa cruise KM0502 (Jan 2005; Chief scientists Kuehl, Pratson, Carter, Palmer) CHIRP processed sidescan data files now available.

For MARGINS-related area of Woodlark Basin, Goodliffe contributed edited HydroSweep swath data files and sound velocity profiles for MSC cruises EW9203, EW9510, EW9910, EW9911 and EW0002 , and a HMR-1 sidescan compilation grid for cruise MW9304. Regional gravity FAA and magnetization compilation grids and HMR-1 sidescan grid added to GeoMapApp.

Also in GeoMapApp, Reagan supplied a spreadsheet of geochemical data for rock samples from IBM islands Saipan and Rota.

April 2008

Processed Alvin navigation is now available for Central America cruises AT11-28 (Chief Scientist: Brown) and AT15-05 (Chief Scientist: Tryon). Links to Alvin FrameGrabber images for these cruises have been enabled in GeoMapApp.

Composite bathymetric grid available for the Marianas western insular margin (Chief Scientist Gardner) and added to the IBM Focus Site in GeoMapApp.

March 2008

Under the IBM Focus Site, geochemical data spreadsheets for Mark Reagan's Mariana Forearc volcanic sampling work were added. Through links to JAMSTEC, swath bathymetry and magnetics data files can now be downloaded for the joint US-Japan magnetotelluric cruise KR05-17 (Dec 2005, Chief Scientist Seama). For the same magnetotelluric project, MT instrument recovery information for cruise KR07-16 (Nov 2007, Chief Scientist Seama) added. Basic cruise entries made for Marianas western insular margin UNCLOS Law of the Sea bathymetry survey cruises BW06-1 and BW07-1 (Oct 2006 and Nov 2007, Chief Scientist Gardner).

For the PNG Focus Site cruises VANC24MV, VANC25MV (Mar 2004, Chief Scientist Droxler) and VANC26MV (Apr 2004, Chief Scientist Peterson), SeaBeam swath bathymetry and sidescan files, XBT sound velocity files and ADCP data now available. Knudsen 3.5 kHz sub-bottom profiler data added for VANC22MV and VANC23MV (Feb-Mar 2004, Chief Scientist Driscoll).

For New Zealand Waipaoa cruise KM0502 (Jan 2005, Chief Scientist Kuehl), CHIRP sub-bottom profile data and navigation can be downloaded.

In the Gulf of California area, basic field information available for seismic cruise UL0608 (Sept 2006, Chief Scientist Lonsdale).

Attended the S2S initiative education mini-lessons workshop, during the Ocean Sciences meeting in Orlando, Florida.

February 2008

For New Zealand Waipaoa cruise KM0503 (Feb 2005, Chief Scientists Alexander and Walsh), EM1002 and EM120 swath bathymetry, CTD stations and data files, and ADCP data are now available. Also for this cruise, bathymetry 4m grids and sidescan 15m grids added to GeoMapApp MARGINS Focus Site.

January 2008

In the New Zealand Waipaoa area, bathymetric and sidescan EM120 and EM1002 grids and images added for cruise KM0503 (Feb 2005, Chief Scientists Alexander and Walsh). Bathymetry 50m and 20m grids added to GeoMapApp MARGINS Focus Site.

In GeoMapApp, links to International Heat Flow Commission (IHFC) continental and oceanic heat flow data added for each Focus site. For the IBM area, raw and processed Jason 2 navigation files for TN154 (Chief Scientist Fryer) have been added.



December 2007

In the PNG Focus Site for three of the PNG cruises - VANC24MV, VANC25MV (Mar 2004, Chief Scientist Droxler) and VANC26MV (Apr 2004, Chief Scientist Peterson) - information on dredge rock samples, plankton net biological samples, CTD stations and sediment cores from box/gravity/multi/jumbo piston cores now available.

November 2007

In the IBM area, basic cruise entries and magnetotelluric station deployment and recovery information received from Evans for KR05-17 (Dec 2005, Chief Scientist Seama) and KR06-12 (Sep 2006, Chief Scientist Seama). For Plank's IBM work geochemical data spreadsheet and references now available.

For Central America cruises DANA01RR and DANA02RR (2003, Chief Scientist Lonsdale), EM120 swath bathymetry, gravity/magnetics, XBT and meteorological data added. Rock sample location information and geochemical data spreadsheet for Guatemala program (Walker) added.

For the Gulf of California Focus Site, EM120 swath bathymetry, gravity/magnetics, XBT and meteorological data now available for DANA07RR and DANA08RR (2004, Chief Scientist Lonsdale). Ship track navigation file added for OBS recovery cruise SCOOBA2NH (Oct 2006, Chief Scientist Gaherty).

October 2007

In the Central America area, field expedition information available for the terrestrial-based programs of John Eiler (2001), Jim Walker (2004) and Terry Plank (2005). We received from Peter Lonsdale shipboard digital data, including bathymetry swath files, gravity and magnetics for his 2003 Revelle cruises DANA01RR and DANA02RR.

Program information added for the IBM area geochemistry analysis program of Plank (2000).

For the Gulf of California Focus Site, we received from Peter Lonsdale shipboard digital data, including bathymetry swath files, gravity and magnetics for his 2004 Revelle cruises DANA07RR and DANA08RR.

References and documents added to Waipaoa Source-To-Sink cruises KM0502 (Jan 2005, Chief Scientist Kuehl) and KM0503 (Feb 2005, Chief Scientist Alexander).

September 2007

For the PNG Focus Site, high-resolution EM3000 swath bathymetry data files and sound velocity data were added for Naar's surveys on the suite of 2003-2004 cruises VANC13MV, VAN14MV, VANC15MV, VANC16MV and VANC27MV, VANC28MV, VANC29MV, VANC30MV. The resultant Caris HIPS files are also now available. CTD data and station information added for cruise VANC13MV (Aug 2003, chief scientist Andrea Ogston).

Expedition information added for Adam Kent's 2003 IBM terrestrial rock sampling program. New rock samples information available for the 2002 Rota island sampling program of Mark Reagan. Associated with the IBM area, gravity data and documents added for Hilton's MGLN08MV cruise (Oct 2006).

In the Central America region, basic information capturing Mike Carr's 2002 terrestrial rock sampling program, including field samples information, available.

August 2007

For the Gulf of California area Focus Site, OBS recovery operations and cruise details can be viewed for SCOOBA2NH (Oct 2006, Chief Scientist Jim Gaherty).

July 2007

For the Gulf of California Focus Site, bathymetry survey line information and data files for cruise BAJA02NH (Sept-Nov 2002, Chief Scienitst Andrew Gorman) is now available for download. For the New Zealand Waipaoa area, small boat coring operations (PI McNinch) and sediment samples information added.

June 2007

The gridded multibeam bathymetric compilation of Weinribe and Ranero for the Central America Focus Site is now available for download. Updated EarthChem geochemistry tables for each Focus Site added to GeoMapApp.

May 2007

For the Central America Focus Site, added the gridded magnetic anomaly compilation contributed by Barckhausen. Database report for MARGINS newsletter submitted.

April 2007

Database report presented at STCOMM meeting. Attended MARGINS Education and Outreach mini-workshop highlighting the use of Data link and GeoMapApp to access and explore MARGINS data.

March 2007

Program information for the Abers/Fischer land-based TUCAN Central_America broadband seismometer project available, including station locations and links to the IRIS repository for seismic data. Monument locations for the Dixon/Schwartz 2000 and 2003 Costa Rica GPS campaigns added. SEG-Y sub-bottom data for Andy Fisher's VANC02MV available.

In the IBM Focus Site, Wiens' OBS recovery operations on Wecoma legs W0404A and W0405A now on-line.

Rock geochemistry data from EarthChem for each of the Focus Sites can be accessed through GeoMapApp with the capability to plot samples in map view, to colour and scale the symbols based upon selected geochemical parameters, and graph geochemical variables.

February 2007

Sediment core locations added for Waipaoa New Zealand leg TAN0613 (Alexander).

January 2007

Ship track positions compiled for the Gorman BAJA02NH dual-ship OBS cruise in the Gulf of California FS.



November 2006

Sediment analyses data and references now available for Central America TicoFlux I leg EW0104 (Fisher/Silver). For Andy Fisher's TicoFlux II cruise (VANC02MV), heatflow data, sediment analyses and references, and edited multibeam bathymetry data files were added.

BLISP data now available for PNG legs, VANC14-30MV.

October 2006

Science party personnel and references added for IBM Wiens cruises W0404A, W0405A, KY0306.

September 2006

Raw and processed CTD data now available for PNG VANC legs 14, 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 27, 28, 29, 30. Additionally, ship track navigation files for VANC legs 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 can be downloaded. CTD data added for Gorman's Gulf of California cruise, BAJA02NH. Core locations for Kuehl's KM0502 New Zealand area leg corrected.

Gravity/magnetics data files added for PNG VANC legs, for IBM cruises COOK06MV (Fryer) and COOK07MV (Bloomer), and for Central America cruise NEMO04MV (Dorman).

Field program information available for Mariana legs W0404A, W0405A, KY0306 (Wiens), including bathymetric grids, OBS deployments and location maps, CTD stations, Seismic shot time files, and ship track navigation files.

August 2006

Expedition information added for the 2000 and 2003 Costa Rica GPS campaigns (Dixon and Schwartz), with links to GPS data held at UNAVCO. In the Gulf of California Focus Site, sub-bottom profiler data and ship track navigation data for SCOOBA1NH (Gaherty) available. OBS and CTD operations information for BAJA02NH also added. The PNG VANC leg entries updated with a list of publications. CHIRP lines information added for New Zealand area cruises KM0502 (Kuehl) and KM0503(Alexander). Sample descriptions for dredged rocks on IBM cruise COOK07MV (Bloomer) added.

June 2006

Updates to Guam volcanic rock samples entries made (Reagan). For land-based GPS campaigns, the standard UNAVCO metadata forms added to the packet of electronic metadata forms).

May 2006

Reagan's Guam volcanic rock samples added to the database - the first MARGINS land sampling program to be included. In the New Zealand area, sediment core stations for KM0502 (Kuehl) added. HMR-1 bathymetric grids and images and sidescan images added for IBM cruises COOK06MV (Fryer) and COOK07MV (Bloomer).

April 2006

Basic cruise information added for New Zealand Focus Site mapping and coring cruise KM0502 (Kuehl).

March 2006

OBS deployment information for Gulf of California Focus Site cruise SCOOBA1NH (Gaherty) is now available. LeRoy Dorman released the multibeam data for his NEMO04MV cruise. ADCP data for Gulf of California cruise SCOOBA1NH (Gaherty) is now available.

New search capability is now available in Data Link. In addition to the ability to search by geographic area, ISS, investigator and cruise ID, you can now search by the full list of data types or device types cataloged in the database. Use these search options to find out where the selected data type has been collected and to download any data files available in the database.

February 2006

HMR-1 sidescan/bathymetry data files, dredge and wax core information for IBM cruise COOK06MV (Fryer) added. HMR-1 data was also added for COOK07MV (Bloomer) to the same area.

Expedition information available for IBM-related cruise TN154 (Fryer).

For the Papua New Guinea Focus Site, navigation files have been added for cruises VANC13MV, VANC14MV, VANC15MV, VANC16MV (Ogston/Nittrouer), and for the three cruises VANC24MV, VANC25MV, VANC26MV (Droxler/Peterson). Navigation information as well as piston and gravity core locations also available for VANC22MV and VANC23MV (Driscoll).

For Central America cruise VANC02MV (Fisher), navigation and information on heatflow probe operations, CTDs, gravity and piston cores has been added.

Basic information for Central America cruise AT11-28 (Brown), including fluid flow sensor and CTD operations, and Alvin dive information, with links to the WHOI Alvin dive log pages, can now be viewed.

January 2006

Cruise information for Waipaoa Focus Site cruise KM0503 (Alexander/Walsh), including CTD and gravity/box core operations, is now available, as is information for cruise KM0502 (Kuehl) to the same study area.



December 2005

Cruise and station location information have been put into the database for the following MARGINS funded cruises: VANC13MV, VANC14MV, VANC15MV, VANC16MV.

September 2005

Bathymetry data has been incorporated into the GMRT global mercator bathymetry compilation within MARGINS focus sites:

  • EW0001 (Fulthorpe, Austin, Canterbury Basin, New Zealand)
  • EW0002 (Taylor, Woodlark Basin)
  • EW0003 (transit, Fiji-Costa Rica)
  • COOK07MV (Bloomer, Stern, Izu-Bonin-Mariana)

Complete metadata and station location information available for MARGINS-funded IBM cruise COOK07MV (Bloomer, Stern).

August 2005

Complete metadata and station location information available for the following MARGINS-funded cruises:

  • NEMO04MV (Dorman, land-ocean transects, Middle America trench)
  • VANC19MV (Ogston, Papua New Guinea)
  • VANC20MV (Nittrouer, Papua New Guinea)
  • VANC21MV (Nittrouer, Papua New Guinea)
  • VANC27MV (Ogston, Papua New Guinea)
  • VANC28MV (Nittrouer, Papua New Guinea)
  • VANC29MV (Nittrouer, Papua New Guinea)
  • VANC30MV (Nittrouer, Papua New Guinea)

June 2005

EW0212 station data is now available.

April 2005

High-resolution grids for Papua New Guinea were added to GeoMapApp bathymetry synthesis and are also available through the database.  Grids were contributed by David Naar and derived from EM-3000 swath data from cruises VANC27MV, VANC28MV, VANC30MV. Gridded data from the Tonga trench collected on BMRG08MV (Bloomer and Wright) now available.

March 2005

Data resources for each Focus Site now include a listing of links to other relevant data sources.

Added bathymetry data to GeoMapApp from several historical cruises with crossings in the Gulf of California region (AT03-46, MOCE05MV, PHNX03MV). Also added bathymetry data for region from EW0210 contributed by Dan Lizarralde.

Bathymetry for the Costa Rica margin from EW0005 (from Kirk McIntosh) now incorporated in GeoMapApp.

February 2005

Edited bathymetry for EW0202 and EW0203 from the IBM site received from Andrew Goodliffe and incorporated in GeoMapApp.

January 2005

Full cruise information from Papua New Guinea cruises VANC19MV, VANC20MV, VANC21MV, VANC27MV, VANC28MV, VANC29MV, VANC30MV contributed by Charles Nittrouer and Andrea Ogston now available.



September 2004

Basic cruise information for a total of 25 MARGINS or related programs going back to 1999 now accessible. Compilation includes all MARGINS-funded marine programs to date. Release of GeoMapApp 1.2 with several new features. Data sources for topography data in map view now dynamically displayed including acknowledgement of nation of origin. New "Import Data" option available. Option permits users to import their own ASCII data tables and display on bathymetry data, including color coding and symbol scaling based on data values. Heat flow data compilation from Dallas Abbot now accessible through the "Import Data" option in GeoMapApp.

August 2004

Cruise metadata forms received from P. Lonsdale for cruises in 2003 and 2004 to the Central America (DANA01RR, DANA02RR) and Gulf of California (DANA07RR, DANA08RR) Focus Sites. Shuttle radar topography mission data for Australia and New Zealand now incorporated into GeoMapApp. With this latest addition, topography data for all subareal regions within MARGINS focus sites are now available.



December 2003

All multibeam bathymetry data at NGDC within the MARGINS focus sites obtained for synthesis into gridded topography database (39 cruises primarily from 1980s). Beta web site for the MARGINS Data Portal now on-line. Basic cruise information for all MARGINS-funded cruises aboard Ewing now available.

September 2003

Project work begins with development of database schema, metadata forms, and an inventory of existing MARGINS-funded expeditions.