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About the GeoPRISMS Data Portal

The GeoPRISMS Data Portal was established in early 2011 to serve the NSF-funded GeoPRISMS program as a dedicated data system to facilitate open and timely exchange of data in support of the interdisciplinary science goals of the program. The Data Portal has been built with the primary goal of providing full cataloging, open access, and long-term preservation of data collected during GeoPRISMS program. The backbone of the system is an expedition metadata catalog, which provides information on field programs (who, what, when and where), inventories of sensor data and samples, relevant metadata and the links to associated data files which reside either within the Data Portal or at distributed repositories. The system is designed to leverage all relevant existing data resources and provides a framework for a broader distributed data system.


Available Data

Prior to the initiation of GeoPRISMS-funded field programs, the database team will begin a compilation of existing data sets identified by members of the community as being of importance for studies in the five primary sites.


Data Access

To accommodate the different needs of scientists for accessing data, two data access tools have been developed; a text-based search tool (browser based) for researchers wanting, for example, to find specific data sets of interest or all data from a cruise or region; and a richly-functioned graphical application, GeoMapApp, to visualize and explore data holdings using a map-based interface. For each primary site, users will, for example, be able to visualize available sonar datasets (multibeam, sidescan), access sample geochemistry from EarthChem, view data from deep sea drilling holes, and plot locations of samples and stations from GeoPRISMS-funded programs. The Data Portal is adopting standards-compliant web services to serve data holdings in order to provide users with greater flexibility to use the data visualization and analysis tool of their choice (e.g. ArcGIS, NASA World Wind, Google Earth). The GeoPRISMS Data Portal is being developed based upon the Ridge 2000 Data Portal and MARGINS Data Portal, as part of the Marine Geoscience Data System. Tools and services for accessing data are common across the system.

Jason Images in GeoMapApp

Example from GeoMapApp showing locations of sediment samples collected at the MARGINS Waipaoa Focus Site off the north island of New Zealand. Vibra core samples collected at this site during MARGINS-funded expeditions are identified with red dots.


Data Policy


GeoPRISMS Data Portal Documents



GeoPRISMS Data Portal Reports & Papers

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