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Continental margins are the Earth's principal loci for producing hydrocarbon and metal resources, for earthquake, landslide, volcanic and climatic hazards, and for the greatest population density. Despite the societal and economic importance of margins, many of the mechanical, fluid, chemical and biological processes that shape them are poorly understood. The GeoPRISMS Program, supported by the National Science Foundation and built upon the NSF MARGINS program, focuses upon the coordinated, interdisciplinary investigation of the continental margins through two initiatives: the Subduction Cycles and Deformation (SCD) and Rift Initiation and Evolution (RIE). In order to address the fundamental scientific questions, each initiative is associated with Primary Sites to address a wide range of field, experimental and theoretical studies spanning broad spatial and temporal scales.

This page provides access to program information and data collected through the GeoPRISMS program. Use the map client to view the locations of GeoPRISMS data. To access data, use the List Data by Site links, search tools, or GeoMapApp.The MARGINS data portal is available here.

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