Marine Geoscience Data System



EarthChem and MGDS are partners in the Integrated Earth Data Applications Facility, providing data services for observational solid earth Geoscience data from the Ocean, Earth, and Polar Sciences. EarthChem operates, develops and maintains digital geochemical data colletions to support long-term preservation, discovery, retrieval and analysis of geochemical data.


Integrated Ocean Drilling Program

The Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) is an international research organization that conducts seagoing expeditions to study the history of the Earth recorded in sediments and rocks beneath the ocean floor. The U.S. Implementing Organization (IODP-USIO) operates the scientific drillship JOIDES Resolution.


LDEO Core Repository

The Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Deep-Sea Sample Repository is both an archive of sediment and rocks from beneath the ocean floor, and an archive of the digital data pertaining to the material. They are used for research in climate, environment, many other studies, and for education.


Academic Seismic Portal at UTIG

The Academic Seismic Portal at UTIG provides access to seismic reflection and refraction data from the holdings of the University of Texas Institute for Geophysics (UTIG) and the broader academic community. The data center focuses on processed seismic data with original field data held primarily at the MGDS.


National Geophysical Data Center

The National Geophysical Data Center at NOAA provides scientific stewardship, products, and services for geophysical data from the Sun to the Earth and Earth's sea floor and solid earth environment, including Earth observations from space.


Geoscience Web Services

The Geoscience Web Services (GeoWS) initiative is a collaborative effort between MGDS, IRIS, UNAVCO, NGDC, and IAGT to integrate data sets across distributed data centers in an OGC-standard mapping environment.