IEDA Data Browser

Explore our global data holdings through an interactive map interface. IEDA Data Browser uses our GMRT Synthesis as a backdrop, and allows you to quickly zoom to areas of interest to discover data available from EarthChem Portal, Geochron, and MGDS.

IEDA Investigator Support

IEDA's partner systems MGDS and EarthChem together provide a suite of services in support of observational solid earth research in the Ocean, Earth, and Polar Sciences.

We make data management easy!

System for Earth Sample Registration (SESAR)

SESAR lets you create and manage a database of your samples, register your samples with the International Geo Sample Number (IGSN) for persistent and unambiguous identification, and search a global catalog of millions of samples.

Visualization Tools

Use our desktop apps GeoMapApp and Virtual Ocean to explore, visualize and analyze your own data within the context of hundreds of other earth science data from around the world.

Carry the world in your pocket with our mobile app EarthObserver


PetDB - The Petrologic Database gives you interactive access to a global synthesis of chemical, isotopic, and mineralogical analyses. Learn more:

GMRT MapTool

Create your own custom maps & grids! GMRT MapTool provides instant access to our GMRT Synthesis, a global multi-resolutional data set which includes seafloor bathymetry data to 100-m resolution where data are available.

EarthChem Library

Contribute your geochemical data to the EarthChem Library so that these data can be discovered and reused now and in the future. Published datasets receive a citable DOI, open access, long-term availability, and investigator data compliance support.

Marine Geoscience
Data System (MGDS)

MGDS provides access to observational Marine Geology and Geophysics data from throughout the global oceans, augmented by rich metadata and associated with scientific publications. Explore MGDS for Bathymetry, Sidescan, Gravity, Magnetics and Seismic Data and more!

EarthChem Portal

The EarthChem Portal returns integrated search results from the federated databases PetDB, SedDB, GEOROC, NAVDAT, USGS, and GANSEKI, and also features mapping and visualization tools.


Geochron gives access to Geochronology and Thermochronology data of many types. Data are contributed by users into an interactive system for archiving and publishing data through the EarthChem Library.